CIA Officer: Clinton Lost Because She Defrauded Bernie Sanders

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CIA officer reveals that Hillary Clinton stealing Sanders' nomination is what lost her the election

A CIA analyst has lashed out at Hillary Clinton for deliberately distracting the public with claims that Russia hacked the election, claiming that she is covering up her own mistake of stealing the Democratic nomination away from Bernie Sanders. 

Former CIA analyst John Kiraikou says that Hillary Clinton’s election loss is solely down to the fact that she committed election fraud against Sanders and has absolutely nothing to do with Russia. reports:

Instead of collecting the “cold-hard facts and present those facts as evidence,” US intelligence agencies went for a second option, handing over the matter to analysts “in the absence of facts,” who then made “analytical conclusions based on the bits and pieces that they are able to collect,” Kiriakou said, commenting on the recently-released ODNI report.

“We have something that have been massaged by the CIA analysts and they have drawn analytical conclusions based on what little evidence they have,” the CIA officer-turned-whistleblower said.

The former CIA analyst is certain that if there was indeed a hacking operation, the NSA would have been able to reveal technical evidence that would locate the exact source of the hack’s origin.

“If this hacking actually took place, there would be an electronic trail back to the point of origin. We haven’t seen any electronic trail. We haven’t heard anything coming from the director of the NSA saying that there had been a successful hack,” Kiriakou said, adding that the NSA’s silence on the matter leads him to believe that “the evidence doesn’t exist.”

Kiriakou believes that although senior elected officials in Washington keep using the word “overwhelming” to describe the evidence, which they claim points to Russia’s direct involvement in the hacks, the Democratic Party was not eager to assist the FBI with examining its servers.

“In fact, if you look at this report that the Democratic Party issued, the evidence is not overwhelming. That, coupled with the fact that the Democrats did not allow the FBI access to the server, just makes me think that there’s nothing behind the story,”Kiriakou said.

Kiriakou further warned that the assessments given in the report should be treated with extreme caution, as US intelligence agencies have a record of duping the American public. Back in 2013, NSA Director James Clapper was accused of perjury by several US State Senators after it emerged he lied under oath while assuring Congress the NSA did not collect data of the American citizens.

“I really don’t believe anything that comes out of the intelligence community that is meant for the consumption of the American people. The CIA record on this issue, on the honesty to the American people is dismal, frankly,” Kiriakou said.

At the Senate Intelligence Committee open hearing on the accusations of hacking against Russian government, FBI Director James Comey testified that the investigators were denied access to the servers, despite repeated requests, and had to use a third-party company to complete the task.

This remark runs contrary to the earlier statements by the Democratic National Committee in which it dismissed allegations that it had impeded the probe, with its deputy communications director Eric Walker claiming in an email to Buzzfeed that the DNC was fully cooperating and “the FBI never requested access to the DNC’s computer servers.”

Despite US officials claiming the DNC servers were “hacked,” there have been calls within the broader US intelligence community to treat the “attack” on DNC servers as an insider leak based on known technical details. Last month, former CIA and NSA spies from Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) penned an open letter arguing that the evidence of hacking, if there was one, could have been long ago produced by NSA “without any danger to sources or methods.”

Speaking on the potential threat to American democracy ensuing from perceived Russian hacking, Kiriakou said that such estimates do not hold up, adding that it would be only the case if “Russia or any other country had actually hacked… into voting machines or hacked into the Federal Election Commission.”

Instead of blowing the alleged involvement of Russia in the US democratic processes out of proportion, the Democratic Party might want to search for the root of the debacle at the polls within its own ranks, Kiriakou said.

“The truth of the matter, and I say this with a heavy heart, because I’m a lifelong Democrat… is that Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate. The evidence shows that Hillary Clinton essentially stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders,” Kiriakou said, noting that Clinton’s own conspiracies rebounded back on her.

“That is why Hillary Clinton lost this election, not because of any hacking scandal,” he concluded.


  1. Finally the truth..There were multitudes repulsed by Hillary and determined not to vote for Hillary from the outset. As the election progressed anti Hillary voters were in no way deterred from their initial decision.

      • oh please…..the Left isn’t going to have these Interviews/articles/reports…..Most of the time you can find the same stories by ten sources. Judge each one individually and be More SUSPICIOUS of the Lame Stream Media above all, NOT the other way around. take it from an “Oldster” who knows the truth about the JFK Assassination, the Vietnam War, 9/11, the First World Trade center Bombings, etc. etc. signed, a Bernie/Green Party Voter . Here’s the next george Webb video in his series after the two I Posted above….learn something

  2. Hilary was the wolf in golden goose clothing. The DNC’s unethical push to keep those golden eggs coming their way only added more sh../droppings to her.

  3. What I loved most about this election was the actual shock on the side of the dems when Trump trounced her at the polls. They really believed their own excrement. It was unreal! How in the world did they think she was going to win when she flipped off Bernie supporters and chased Republicans that were never going to vote for her. The fake polling in the MSM helped seal her fate – motivated Trump supporters to show up at the polls en masse. A beautiful thing! Now we just need for the wheels of justice to kick in – LOCK HER UP!

    • Even a broken clock is correct twice a day – to assume anything and everything from another nation is suspect is to be willfully ignorant.
      It’s one thing to be wary, or to research… it’s another to assume all of it is propaganda.

  4. Why do we care about what some anonymous CIA employee has to say about something that has nothing to do with his/her agency?

  5. This site was massively pro-Clinton during the primaries and election, and NOW, suddenly you want to tell the truth?

  6. She lost for hundreds of reasons, going back to her saying she wasn’t a “stand by yore man” type of wife. Deplorables. But her treatment of Bernie is probably why a lot of voters just couldn’t press the button beside her name.

  7. The corrupt, neoliberal unDemoocratic Party will not take responsibility for losing the Presidency to one of the most unpopular candidates in history. It will not take responsibility for losing the Senate. It will not take responsibility for losing several state legislatures and governorships. Why? Because the party does not want to give up the spoils of the oligarchy that the have created along with the Republicans. Simply look at the Booker vote on the possibility of lower drug prices from Canada. In the two party system, when it comes to the conscious redistribution of wealth, thus power, to the very top, political party has no relevance.

  8. It wasn’t just Bernie Sanders that got defrauded and screwed. It was the majority of those under the Democratic Party banner. And now the entire country.

  9. Hillary Clinton, a victim of her own demise can now bask in her own filth until the end of time. This is her legacy.

  10. I totally agree that the DNS/Hillary defrauded the entire country by stealing the primary from Bernie. I also believe that Russia was a convenient scapegoat to distract from the Treasonous Act of Election Fraud.

    That being said:

    That does not in any automatically absolve Russia from any involvement in tampering with our election. There is actually evidence of Russia’s involvement if one is not drunk on the GOP/don the con kool aid. just because the forensic evidence hasn’t been released it can’t reasonably be claimed that there is no evidence.

    It also does not mean that there is no clear evidence, just because it’s not being made public. Any investigation can have details that are not released to the public until the investigation is closed, that is just not unusual.

    Of course the DNC didn’t want the FBI, or anyone else to examine their servers. That’s where the evidence of their Treasonous Election Fraud would be found.

    While I whole heartedly agree that the Election Fraud played a major role in Hillary losing the election, it was not the only factor. The press being totally tone deaf to don the con’s lies, distortions, outrageous statements and actions also played a major role. He should have been laughed off the stage, and called out for his lies day one, but because of the greed for the profits from salient material, he was given unprecedented free exposure. These facts just can’t be discounted.

    • Ok – in what way did they “tamper” with the election? Hiring trolls? David Brock did that to attack Sander’s supporters. Publishing fake news? David Brock did that too, on behalf of Clinton. Publishing TRUE things? Oh, the shame!

    • As DNC discussed in their own emails, they and the media colluded to purposely “elevate” Trump bc they were sure HIllary could win against him without even trying. Media was not acting on its own, it was part of the Hillary campaign and is still very much bullsh**ing you. And “Russia”? Get a grip FFS, stop believing their blatant, OBVIOUS propaganda

  11. Many Americans have drawn correct parallels between world events to
    understand this whole “The Russians Did It” red herring the military
    industrial complex (via their MSM ‘news’ networks) are failing to sell
    to the majority. The Neocon attempt to smear Assad and support Al Qaeda
    II (aka ISIS) to topple Syria has failed thanks in great part to Russia,
    SO…all the dirty Neocon money that sweeps these
    failed human beings into office want retaliation against Russia for
    stopping their “7 countries in 5 years” evil murderous agenda. It’s
    that simple and politicians who repeat this false “Russians” meme are at
    best dupes and at worst traitors.

    I mean, look at all the failed neocon
    attempts to destabilize Syria: First they said “Assad is killing his
    own people” that didn’t work, then it was “Assad used chemical gas”
    which was quickly proven false after it became OBVIOUS that it was a
    staged event coinciding with a UN group visit mere miles from the
    attack, then it was “We’re supporting ‘moderate rebels'” which was again
    quickly proven to be in reality “We’re supporting ISIS” then when
    Russians actually DID bomb ISIS, the powers that be behind HRC had her
    all primed to start WWIII with Russia assuming a shoe-in election
    result. Now, even after Assange admits it was NOT the Russians, even
    after no “official” source will go on record saying it was the
    Russians… was the Russians.

    It’s garbage journalism from a corrupt
    media whose interests definitely represent the Military Industrial
    Complex and not Americans.

  12. More confirmation of what we already knew. But we do thank you for the validation.
    The DNC advocated and promoted the wrong candidate and excluded Bernie Sanders, even unethically defying their own By-Laws. Her money bought the MSM. Other Dems were in her corner before the primaries.
    She was the candidate who had nothing to offer and had to build her platform with Sanders’ planks after she pushed him out of the primaries. The run for the election became a wrestling match of arrogance. She lost because of hers, he won because of his.

  13. Hillary lost because not only was she cheating by getting the questions from “Donna” the democrapper, but by cheating Bernie of his chance, all the “pay for play”, she is a compulsive pathological liar, a cheat and a thief. The Clintons have too much baggage and scandals and all they care about is themselves. They have sold our Country out all for personal gain. I don’t think anyone with the last name Clinton should ever be allowed in the White House again. And one more thing, thank god our interns at the white house will be safe now.

      • How do you know that? How many times did Bill fly on his BFF convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet to Lolita Island?

        • What about those Jeffrey Epstein parties attended by Trump? Hmmm? I guess you’re too busy repeating lies about the Clintons.

          • One didn’t, and doesn’t need lies to disqualify Clinton as a choice – regardless of the Primary results.
            She was a bad candidate who through her arrogance ran a bad campaign.
            Her Iraq vote alone was enough for me to never support her – add in her reactions to Syria, Libya (we came we saw he died haha, etc), her lies about being under sniper fire – etc… All well documented reality – and all smears on her candidacy and her presumed behavior as a president.

            When Sanders supported her – I understood his decision, but I was not bound by it. I know he honored the promises he made, while I did the same – I will never support her.

  14. Have said from the git go that she lost the election all by herself. She is a liar, a thief and a cheat…I don’t vote for a particular party so guess that makes me an independent. I look at each individual and vote for the lessor of the evils….Hilliary was never even on the list of the people that I might have voted for. But I stand today and say I am proud to be an American, and I voted for TRUMP…. I did it my way…….Hilliary you didn’t need any help losing that election, for you never had it to start with.

  15. Yet the Dems still deny that any such election fraud occurred. I have been saying since June that the evidence isn’t there. Just look at how they describe the hackers in those early pressers. “Gifted, able to slip in and out of any system almsot unseen” “Hard to catch”, then they “miraculously” are logged in when the guy pokes the server again? Really? Also, whatever happened to NGP/Van, who were in charge of the servers back in Dec 2015? Why haven’t they been part of this discussion? All the other “evidence” is so bad as to be ridiculous. A 10 year old, already exposed IP address? Does that mean I can arrest someone who lived in a house 10 years ago , because the current owner sells drugs? You can spoof an IP easily enough, or hide behind a VPPN, which will say you are coming from a different IP.

    Oh, and the Dems really need to watch the Russia storyline. it could bite them too. i mean, how often does someone pay off the expected loser to help them win? normally you pay off the expected winner to throw the competition….

  16. She and her scumbag influence-peddling, racketeering organization not only screwed Democratic voters by cheating and rigging the “primaries,” they also conspired with media to obsessively elevate trump 24/7 for 2 years with $2-3 billion free advertising — thus totally influencing the Republican “primaries” as well.

    Trump ran in other years as a novelty candidate and dropped out after a few weeks or even months of enriching his bottom line with publicity, and this time would have been no different had the media not started reporting EVERYthing he said no matter how obviously contrived, meaningless and dumb. Even when he had nothing to say it was somehow front-page “news.”

    These dumbass grifters purposely paved the way for trump to win the Republican primary while high-fiving each other over the massive con they were pulling, in their total cluelessness believing that Hillary (already hated by at least 50% of voters and losing or barely barely beating trump in hypothetical matchups) would automatically “win”–while brazenly, audaciously assuming that burned Bernie voters would simply “get over it,” because, as Rahm Emmanuel always sneered, “who else are they going to vote for?”

    There is no hell hot enough for evil people who do what they did to the country–and they still have their unconscionable forum-mercenary #Brockroaches out waging war for them.

  17. Any candidate for any office who describes any group of voters as “deplorables” does not deserve to be elected.

  18. Don’t worry, the Queen of Chaos will return in 2020 with her darling daughter (The Junior Senator from New York (Sound familiar?)). Then again, the campaign, the DNC and the Democratic Party, will be busy manufacturing excuses for another Slam Dunk that bounced off the rim, losing even more seats in the House and Senate, Governorships and seats in State Legislatures. What will be the excuses this time? China, Iran, Ukraine, Putin, Millennial feminists, disgusted Democrats and Liberals, Slick Willie or Slick Oily?

  19. I get so sick of the excuses put out by Hillary and her apologists, even writing books that fail to get to the heart of the matter. Hillary C. thought it was her turn, convinced the DNC and the party elite of that, and proceeded to undermine anyone that dared get in the way of her ambition. And, she was supported by a crooked set of officers lead by DWS and later Donna Brazile, both so-called leaders of the Democratic Party. All of these people need to get off the stage of the DNC, and the party needs a lot of cleaning. It can start with getting rid of the super delegates. That would be a good sign. I do not think Tom Perez is doing much. What the Hxxx is his problem. Right now he is a failure.

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