Depopulation: MSM Forced To Admit Covid Vaccines Attack Women’s Menstrual Cycles

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Bill Gates says that vaccinations are the best way to depopulate humanity

Covid vaccines have already been proven to reduce sperm counts in men. Now a new analysis published in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances has found that the vaccines are attacking women’s reproductive systems.

Covid vaccinations side-effects are now so widespread and affecting people in such debilitating ways that even the mainstream media has been forced to start reporting on them.

Per NBC:

An analysis published Friday in the journal Science Advances found that 42% of people with regular menstrual cycles said they bled more heavily than usual after vaccination. Meanwhile, 44% reported no change and around 14% reported a lighter period. Among nonmenstruating people — those post-menopause or who use certain long-term contraceptives, for example — the study suggests many experienced breakthrough or unexpected bleeding after their Covid shots……

Obviously the media still has an agenda. Media reports about side-effects always claim the disastrous health consequences are “temporary.” The media is still running cover for Big Pharma.

The NBC report continues:

The survey included over 39,000 people 18 to 80 years old who were fully vaccinated and had not contracted Covid. The study authors cautioned, though, that the percentages do not necessarily represent the rate of menstrual changes in the general population, since people who observed a difference were more likely to participate. The survey’s aim was simply to provide evidence for future studies, not to establish cause and effect. 

Still, other recent research also found that the Covid vaccine is associated with a small change in menstrual cycle length. 

The new survey started in April 2021, around the time people began to report unexpected bleeding and heavier flow post-vaccine. However, these anecdotes were at the time met with the rebuttal that there was no data linking menstrual changes to vaccination.  

That was both true and indicative of a larger problem. Individuals who took part in Covid vaccine trials were not asked if they experienced menstrual changes. 

“Before the vaccinations came out, I would say our knowledge on the subject of the connection between immunization and menstrual changes, in general, was nil,” said Candace Tingen, a program director with the gynecologic health and disease branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Tingen was not involved in the recent survey.

Overall, few studies assess the direct effect of vaccination on the menstrual cycle, and most pharmaceutical trials have not included questions about changes to menstruation. 

Tingen views this as a mistake. Perhaps, she said, if Covid-19 vaccine trials had asked about menstruation, people would not have been surprised — or frightened — by this unexpected side effect. 

It was really this lack of information that I think caused confusion, fear and perhaps vaccine hesitancy,” she said. 

Then again, maybe people are vaccine hesitant because they don’t want to have their reproductive systems messed with by Bill Gates and Big Pharma?

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