New ‘Star Wars’ Movie To Be Directed By World Economic Forum’s ‘Culture Leader’

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Klaus Schwab has been boasting for years that the World Economic Forum has penetrated government cabinets all over the world. Now, they have penetrated Hollywood studios, with one of Schwab’s key deputies being given the director role for the upcoming Star Wars movie.

WEF Agenda Contributor Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, who is co-chairing the 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos, has been handed the director role by Disney, suggesting that the next installment of the classic franchise is going to be another painful exercise in promoting the woke agenda favored in the halls of power in Davos where Obaid-Chinoy spends most of her time.

Obaid-Chinoy wasted no time advertising her credentials for the role, telling CNN in a televised interview this week it’s “about time that we had a woman come forward to shape a story in a galaxy far, far away,” adding she’s “thrilled” about the upcoming project.

Obaid-Chinoy, a filmmaker known for directing feminist documentaries, was announced in April 2023 as director of an upcoming, unnamed film set in the “Star Wars” universe and starring Daisy Ridley—who portrayed protagonist Rey in the sequel trilogy of the main “Star Wars” series.

So what can we expect from the Disney-WEF joint venture?

Obaid-Chinoy most recently directed two episodes for Disney’s Ms. Marvel, a series that tanked as one of Disney’s many woke flops.

In 2011, she released a documentary entitled “Transgenders: Pakistan’s Open Secret.” The film romanticizes the story of three transvestite men living in Pakistan, and has been widely praised by the transgender community.

Many, however, on social media are furious about Disney’s decision and are calling out Star Wars newest director for her anti-cis bigotry and unsubtle woke agenda.

Fans slam new director, call for return to good storytelling

YouTuber and Star Wars fan, Niatoos Dadbeh, who runs a Star Wars channel with over 3 million subscribers, slammed Obaid-Chinoy in a Tuesday video.

“This constant narrative about, ‘Is this story about a woman’ or ‘Is this story about a man?’  I simply don’t care.  I only care about good Star Wars,” said Dadbeh.

“It’s this constant sort of Bulls**t that is running amok the industry,” continued Dadbeh, adding that the lack of political messaging and presence of good storytelling was what made Star Wars “timeless.”

“How about we get the best person for the job and we leave it at that, and we tell good stories, that’s it,” the YouTuber concluded.

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