Jill Biden Promotes “Safe & Effective” Covid Jabs For Young Children

Fact checked
Jill Biden

Jill Biden visited the Henrico Health Department East Clinic in Virginia earlier this month to promote the “safe and effective” covid vaccinations for young children.

“This vaccine is your choice,” she said “So make the decision to protect your children with the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives because nothing, nothing is more important than our children’s health.” (Does she actually what she is saying?)

She even took the time to sing happy birthday to a poor 3 year old boy who was about to have his first jab.

“I am so glad Dr. Ashish Jha (COVID-19 Response Team Coordinator) and I could be here to celebrate your COVID-19 vaccine….and your 3rd birthday!” the installed First Lady said.

The Gateway Pundit reports: As Biden greeted staff and parents of children under 5 who awaited vaccination she assured, “The relief is finally here — a vaccine for our youngest children.”

“Thank you for coming in today,” she said. “Thank you for doing this and protecting your children.”

She praised parents for masking their children.

“You wrestled tiny little masks on your children who couldn’t understand them,” she continued. “I know that it’s been hard, but you’ve done an amazing job,”

She also thanked the media for helping to spread the message and encouraging parents to vaccinate their young children.

“We couldn’t do this without you — we couldn’t get the word out,” she said.


  1. “I am so glad Dr. Ashish Jha (COVID-19 Response Team Coordinator) and I could be here to celebrate your COVID-19 vaccine….and your 3rd birthday!”
    Because the child likely won’t see his 4th birthday after the jab. NO child under age 6 should ever be jabbed – this has been known by immunologists/virologists and vax developers since forever.

  2. She’s as honest as her image. I notice cameramen are kept a long way away from her always. And obviously not allowed to zoom in. The blonde hairs really totally totally white grey and the pretty coloured young frocks really aren’t normally worn by women her age.

    • The liberal enclaves? They have their own lives to live and have surrendered the health and education of their children to third-party corporations and government. For the poor and their children? increasingly no choices.

  3. MOD/RNA an`t SAFE and never was for any treatment of anything even Full blown AIDs so get back to the lab and get a flu type vax non-MOD/RNA like your goverment walter reed vax and the sputnik V used across the globe american medical ORG is holding back a real treatment for big biz big bro for kickbacks

  4. The visible hypocrisy of these fully-jabbed (and boostered) Pharma shills wearing (the useless) face masks while promoting and instituting yet more vaccines (sic) on the youngest and most vulnerable Americans.. I cannot think of any larger arrogance or potential evils. The Liz, of course, is beyond reason or redemption.I once thought she was trying to rescue some positive history for her (irredeemable) father. I could excuse that.. No, it’s about her own power and agendas.

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