Venus Williams Wanted By Police After Causing Fatal Car Crash

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Venus Williams on the run

Former Wimbledon champion Venus Williams has gone into hiding after allegedly causing a car crash that killed a 78-year-old man.

According to reports, Venus Williams was driving an SUV in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on June 9th when she “darted” into an intersection, causing the fatal crash. The driver of the other car, the wife of the 78-year-old man, had no time to stop and she T-boned Venus’ SUV.

TMZ Sports reported that Williams told officers she was trying to make it through the intersection but there was a traffic backup and she had to slow down to a crawl, leaving her car exposed in the intersection.

But police say Venus was at fault for the fatal accident.

While there was no evidence the tennis star was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or distracted by an electronic device, the police report states, “[Williams] is at fault for violating the right of way of [the other driver].


Jerome Barson, the 78-year-old victim, suffered head trauma and was taken to hospital and placed in ICU. Barson’s wife, the driver of the car, was also taken to hospital with broken bones and other injuries, according to her attorney Michael Stringer.

She survived, but Jerome Barson died two weeks after being admitted to hospital.

Now Venus Williams, who has a long history of driving infractions, is wanted by police for further questioning, but she has gone into hiding, refusing to face up to the consequences of her actions.

This is not the first time the tennis great was involved in a car crash – or the first time she has attempted to evade justice.

According to court records, Williams has previously had two traffic offences. In 2011 she was issued a $116 fine for driving without proof of license. This fine was increased to $136 after she failed to pay on time.

Then in 2013 she was penalised for ‘driving unknowingly with a suspended or revoked driving licence.’ According to, she was issued the $166 following a car crash on July 3rd 2013. It is unknown if Williams’ was at fault for that crash or not.

Venus Williams’ next scheduled public appearance is the Wimbledon tournament in London next week where she is seeded tenth. It remains to be seen if she will make an appearance.

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