Israel Have Killed 561 Palestinian Children In 1 Year

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health have revealed that a shocking 561 Palestinian children have been killed during Israeli aggressions in Gaza in the space of just one year. reports:

The Ministry confirmed in a statement on Sunday, which marks the Palestinian Child Day, that the Israeli last aggression on Gaza, in summer 2014, had resulted in 550 deaths of Palestinian children in addition to injuries of thousands others including permanent disabilities and amputations of extremities.

The Ministry revealed that it has recorded Israeli aggressive practices that led to the death of 11 Palestinian children in the West Bank areas in addition to the arrest of 800 others by Israeli forces in 2014.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health called on the human rights and other concerned organizations, especially those concerned with childcare, to prosecute the Israeli occupation authority for committing crimes against Palestinian children.

It also called on those institutions to work on obliging Israel to release, without any conditions, the Palestinian minors who are imprisoned in its jails.

Besides, the Ministry called for providing a safe educational environment for the Palestinian children whose schools have become isolated by the Israeli Separation Wall.


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