Corrupt Appeals Court Rules Hillary Clinton Does NOT Have to Testify on Emails and Benghazi Attack

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Appeals court rules Hillary Clinton doesn't have to testify on emails or Benghazi

A DC appeals court ruled in favor of Hillary Clinton on Friday, saying she does not have to testify on her private email system and Benghazi attack records.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch discovered in 2015 that Hillary Clinton had used a private email server to conduct sensitive government business, and blew the story wide open after uncovering emails sent from a non email address.

Earlier this year, a federal court ordered a deposition of Hillary Clinton to answer long-awaited questions about her emails and Benghazi attack records.

Hillary immediately fired back and appealed to stop her court-ordered email testimony.

As a result of Friday’s ruling, Judicial Watch said it is considering its options. reports: In June of this year, Judicial Watch blasted the government’s continued efforts to protect Hillary Clinton.

As you might recall, initially “even the Justice Department couldn’t stomach” her writ of mandamus appeal, Fitton affirms. Now, however, “we can’t even get the Justice Department to come in and argue against Hillary Clinton, even though they know she’s legally wrong – and have told the court in writing that she is!” “We just want to get through these Clinton email cases, we just want to end them and keep it behind us,” Fitton stated as he paraphrases the DOJ’s characterizations of the case.“They don’t have one wit of concern about the misconduct, about the accountability,” he continues. However, despite the DOJ’s disagreement over her appeal, Fitton asks Attorney General Barr: 

“Why on earth would you allow your attorneys to come into court and basically dismiss the concerns of tens of millions of Americans about the misconduct of Hillary Clinton?”

Watch Judicial Watch Tom Fitton discuss the DC court of appeals decision with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs:


  1. 2 Obama judges and a Bush judge and they rule in Hillary’s favor? Who would have thought? Arkinside in the back ground?

  2. I will gladly donate to AND support “The Punisher” to start erasing these people from our midst.

    No Court needed, no crooked judges, no “appeal’s”….. just what they have coming to them.

  3. Its always the same r2eallt Everyone knows The most highly respected in the community are all on the take Cash under the counter always only trusted to the most respected. The ” above suspicion ” are almost always the most crooked of them all .That’s the whole point of creating a class system based on rule of law.To facilitate hereditary organised criminality at the highest levels.

  4. What a scam…of course…the judge probably didn’t want to learn he’s suicidal! It really is a shame…the blatantly 2-tiered “justice” system we’ve allowed to devolve in this country.

    • The judges dont commit suicide and their very rarely murdered Extremely rare They take orders and they make strategic political decisions ,and they take cash or incentives .

  5. It’s time to start exterminating the judges , lawyers , teachers , politicians , bankers , etc …..

    • …and the media. Start taking out a few reporters that are perpetuating lies and protecting felons and that might un-bias the news a tad.

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