Netanyahu To Be Indicted On Corruption Charges

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The Israeli attorney general has announced that his office intends to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three corruption cases

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit stated that he intended to officialy charge the Israeli leader pending a hearing, where Netanyahu would be given a chance to defend himself before charges are filed.

The charges include bribery, fraud and breach of trust.

In a televised address the PM responded by saying that the corruption charges against him will collapse “like a house of cards”

RT reports: Netanuyahu is currently seeking a fourth consecutive term as PM, and denies any wrongdoing. His party, Likud, has called the charges “Political persecution.” Netanyahu himself dismissed the cases against him as a “witch hunt” and told reporters that he intends to stay on as PM “for many more years.”

With Israelis set to cast their votes in April, the indictment comes at a crucial time for Netanyahu. Before the charges were announced on Thursday, Israel’s High Court of Justice rejected a petition by Likud to block the announcement. The party’s legal adviser, Avi Halevy, called Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit’s public revelation of the charges “unprecedented interference” in the upcoming election.

Whether the charges will actually be filed or not depends on the outcome of a hearing, which will more than likely take place after the April 9 election.

If the charges are filed, Netanyahu will have to answer to accusations that he took bribes from the controlling shareholder of Bezeq, the country’s largest telecommunications firm. He is also accused of taking gifts from multiple businessmen in exchange for political favors, and of plotting to weaken an opposition-linked newspaper in exchange for more positive coverage from another competing outlet.

Speaking before the indictment was announced, Netanyahu said that the cases against him will “fall like a house of cards.” The Labour Party’s Shelly Yachimovich responded that by fighting personal battles, Netanyahu is “unable to fight for the lives of the citizens of Israel.”

On Twitter, Netanyahu’s supporters railed against the indictment, with lawyer Arsen Osrtovsky calling it “an act of political interference on such scale, that has the potential to truly rupture the very foundations of our society.”

Oponents disagreed, viewing it instead as justice being done. Journalist Yair Rosenberg credited Mandelblit with “holding the country’s most powerful man accountable.”

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  1. Truth is being revealed everywhere and the evil ones will fall. The past 3 presidents of Brazil are under indictment, thousands in big business and govmt have resigned, all the way down to local positions like law enforcement, school boards, etc. Thank God for this! He’s using Pres Trump and all the white hat patriots to do this. If Netanyahu is corrupt and guilty, it must come out and he must be punished.

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