Police Clash With Antifa & Communists Blocking Route For Parents Protesting LGBT Curriculum For Kids

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LA parent protest LGBT cirriculum

LAPD officers clashed with Antifa militants and revolutionary Communists who were blocking a pathway for parents protesting the LGBTQ curriculum for minors.

On Tuesday, hundreds of parents marched in Downtown Los Angeles, headed to City Hall to LAUSD headquarters where the board was meeting to protest LGBT curriculum being forced on their children.

Parents opposed to the sexualization and grooming of students were holding signs that read “Leave our kids alone” and “Lexit is against pedophilia”.

“Leave our kids alone!” they shouted as they marched down the street

Pro-LGBT activists tried to block off the march’s route to the LAUSD prompting the police to get involved as the two groups started to clash.

Police eventually deemed that the crowd of leftist counter-protesters was an unlawful assembly and told them to disperse so the parental rights group could get on with their permitted demonstration

TGP reports: Police in riot gear declared an unlawful assembly and tried to disperse the crowd.

Antifa militants and masked revolutionary Communists clashed with police officers.

Police manhandled the Commies blocking the road and made a few arrests.


One LAPD officer used his baton to beat back the Communists.


Police made 3 arrests so far.

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