Greta Thunberg Hits Back At Putin Same Way She Did With Trump

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Days after changing her Twitter bio to mock remarks by US President Donald Trump, Greta Thunberg once again updated her profile – this time to hit back at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ‘dismissive’ words.

On Wednesday Putin dismissed the Swedish teen climate activist as “a kind and very sincere girl” who doesn’t understand the complexities of “the modern world.”

Putin implied that the 16 year-old may have been manipulated to serve the interests of others.

RT reports: He added that efforts to safeguard the environment should be supported, but that using “children and teenagers” to push agendas is wrong and should be condemned.

The criticism apparently didn’t sit well with the Swedish teen, who responded with her new weapon of choice: her Twitter bio.

“A kind but poorly informed teenager,” Thunberg’s Twitter bio now reads.

Although obviously meant as an attempt to mock the Russian leader’s comments, some Twitter users argued that the new bio doesn’t accurately reflect Greta’s choleric activism.

Another netizen joked that Greta’s comeback had “hit Putin so hard [that] he has gone into hiding.”

Thunberg employed a similar tactic after Trump poked fun at her controversial address at a UN climate summit held at the end of September in New York.

“A very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future,” her profile previously stated, mirroring the needling comments made by the US president.

The sarcastic bio update was hailed by the anti-Trump Twitterati as a masterpiece of internet trolling.

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