Putin Implies Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Is Being Manipulated To Serve The Interests Of Others

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President Vladimir Putin has implied that the 16 year-old climate activist from Sweden may have been manipulated to serve the interests of others.

Speaking at an energy forum in Moscow on Wednesday, the Russian President said: “I don’t share exultation about Greta Thunberg.”

Moscow AP reports: The Russian leader called Thunberg a “kind and sincere girl” who doesn’t understand complex global issues such as the barriers to cleaner energy in developing countries. Putin added, “It’s deplorable when someone is using children and teenagers in their interests.” He didn’t elaborate.

Thunberg inspired other students by skipping school for weekly climate change protests. At a United Nations climate summit last month, she rebuked world leaders for not doing enough and asked them, “How dare you?”

Putin says Russia has fulfilled its obligations under an international agreement to tackle global warming.

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