British Air Force Bombed Syrian Troops In ‘Self-Defense’

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Nothing says "self-defense" like bombing forces of a government whose country is 3600 km away from yours

Britain has claimed that its forces struck Syrian troops in act of “self-defense”

The British air force bombed and killed  Syrian government soldiers, despite being in Syria illegally and against the wishes of its internationally recognized government.

According to the Sunday Times, a British Defence Ministry spokesman said a British Eurofighter jet dropped a 500lb bomb on Syrian troops when a battle erupted near the British-American-rebel base in the desert near Al-Tanf :“As an act of collective self-defence, RAF Typhoons dropped a single Paveway IV on the position, which successfully removed the threat to our coalition partners”

According to local reports a Syrian army officer was killed and seven others were wounded.

Russia Insider reports: The phrase “coalition partners” means this was a clash between the Syrian army and the rebels, not the Brits, if indeed there was such a fight as the British claim at all.

n 2017 the Americans repeatedly massacred Syrian soldiers from the air for simply coming within 55 kilometers within Al-Tanf — this is the extent of the arbitrary zone around it which the US has appropriated for itself — in someone else’s country.

London already participated in Trump’s April strikes on Syria and has been a key backer of the jihadi-fundamentalist rebellion in Syria since 2011.

What are British soldiers doing on Syrian soil in the first place? Imperialist meddlers out.

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