Mother Admits She Starved Her 3 Year Old Son & Mutilated His Genitals With Pliers

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A mother has admitted in court that she mutilated her three year-old son’s genitals with pliers and starved him so badly that his buttocks didn’t form.

29 year old Brittany Nicole Lippincott, admitted a horrific catalog of child abuse on Tuesday, five months after her injured son was found at her drug-filled home.

Metro reports: Lippincott, of Fairmont, West Virginia, kept her abused son in a locked room.

Cops who rescued the boy found him in ‘just his underwear’, with bruises on his face, injuries to his genitals and lips, and his entire ribcage visible.

Asked about what had caused the traumatic injuries, the boy told an examiner: ‘Mommy did it with pliers.’

Lippincott admitted her horrific crimes at Marion County Circuit Court. She will be sentenced after a further report into her crimes has been completed (Picture: Google Maps)

The boy was also found to have been so badly malnourished that he only had sagging skin where the muscles of his buttocks should have formed.

He offered heartbreaking detail of how he had been starved, telling investigators how he would have to ‘sit at the table and watch them eat, it’s not my turn.’

The youngster spent a week in hospital being treated for his injuries, but has now recovered, and is said to be thriving away from his mother.

According to Times West Virginian, Lippincott’s cruelty was exposed during a home check sparked by a tip-off that she was dealing drugs.

On turning up at the address, they cops found a door bolted shut, and were shocked to find the three year-old locked inside.

Officers also found digital hand scales, as well as plastic bags filled with white powder and plates covered in white residue, as well as ‘snorting straws.’

After being arrested, Lippincott tried to blame her son’s condition on an undiagnosed medical condition, and told cops that the boy ‘needs help, he needs to go to a doctor.’

She admitted felony child neglect creating risk of injury or death.

A pre-sentencing report has been ordered to be completed within the next 60 days, with a final sentencing date yet to be set.


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