Iceland BANS Moderna COVID Vaccine for All Ages Due to Myocarditis

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Iceland bans Moderna vaccine amid rise in heart inflammation

Iceland has banned Moderna’s mRNA covid-19 vaccine across all age groups amid reports that it can cause heart inflammation among those who take it.

The announcement was made by Icelandic health authorities yesterday. The government said that Iceland has been administering Moderna’s Spikevax shot over the last two months as a booster for those already inoculated.

The decision to ban Moderna vaccinations was made after adverse effects to the shot were reported in several other Nordic nations, which have since banned their own rollouts of the dangerous jab.

“A Nordic study involving Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark found that men under the age of 30 who received Moderna Spikevax had a slightly higher risk than others of developing myocarditis,” Director of Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare Mika Salminen stated on Thursday. reports: Salminen announced that men born in 1991 and after would no longer be given Spikevax. One day earlier, Sweden stopped giving the Moderna shot to all of its population born in 1991 and later, while Denmark suspended its use on under-18s. Norway recommended that men under the age of 30 choose Pfizer’s jab instead.

The European Medicines Agency in July published findings urging the heart conditions myocarditis and pericarditis be added to the list of potential rare side effects of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna after reviewing over 300 incidences across the European Economic Area. According to the EMA, these cases are extremely rare.