Why Is President Biden Giving Speeches From Fake White House Set?

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Biden fake white house set

When President Biden spoke to the nation on Wednesday, viewers noticed that something was not quite right.

Biden was not that broadcasting from the West Wing, but was instead sitting across the street in a set specially constructed for video conferences and interviews.

While critics quickly pointed out how cheap the set looked and wondered why it was even needed, it is not clear whether Biden noticed or not.

The digital recreation of the White House scene, staged across the street from the genuine White House, did not even have its software updated to reflect the reality of a Washington DC in the fall.

RT reports: Biden sat at the desk with the American flag to one side of him and a window that appeared to lead to the White House Rose Garden on the other. One would also assume the garden is blooming at the moment – except it’s a digital projection on the window, which has been changed out in the past, and few found themselves convinced. 

“The set was constructed across the street from the actual WH in the Executive Office Building,” Breitbart’s White House correspondent Charlie Spiering explained, only to inspire even more questions about the “bizarre” set.

“Susan Rice was on the @netflix board….how did she get this stage so wrong?” former Trump administration official Richard Grenell tweeted in reaction to the cringeworthy look of the set. 

“Serious Question? Do they let Biden into the White House?” another user jokingly asked

Biden was previously on the same set to publicly receive his Covid-19 vaccine booster shot, though he has utilized it on other occasions, as well. The set is in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is across the street from the actual White House.

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