Don’t Expect Trump To Keep All His Campaign Promises: Kissinger

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Don't Expect Trump To Keep All His Campaign Promises: Kissinger

After meeting with the President elect last week to discuss foreign policy, Henry Kissinger said we should not expect Donald Trump to give his voters exactly what he promised during his election campaign.

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, aired on Sunday, the former secretary of state also said he believes something good may come out of a Trump presidency.

Kurt Nimmo reports:

Elder statesman, Rockefeller confidant, and master war criminal Henry Kissinger told the globalist Fareed Zakaria voters are not going to get what was advertised with Donald Trump.

“One should not insist on nailing [Trump] into positions that he had taken in the campaign,” Kissinger told Zakaria.

Keeping campaign promises made to voters is counterproductive, according to Kissinger.

Kissinger argued that it is counterproductive to demand absolute consistency from presidential administrations, particularly in the face of fluid international situations.

Commending Trump on the effectiveness of his campaign tactics, the former secretary of state added: “The art now would be to develop a strategy that is sustainable, that meets the concerns that have appeared during the campaign but that can be linked to some of the main themes of American foreign policy.”

In other words, Kissinger and the elite expect Trump to carry the torch and continue the Bush-Obama agenda of never-ending war.

Donald Trump appears eager to please. He is considering neocons for his cabinet and his national security adviser is an anti-Islam ideologue.


  1. well I hope Kissinger is proved wrong here, he would say that because he thinks Trump will just be another puppet of the shadow government, like ALL the previous presidents, including Obama and Bill Clinton.

  2. Big fat ugly jooo that wants to continue to destroy America. He is saying TTP is going ahead, wars non-stop but not one jooo that fights their wars…..we do. Fck off Kissinger

  3. This is a Kissinger double (looking younger before he disappeared) you Kissinger is not the same person from Stuttgart that my mom knew.

  4. Wrong premise. A stupid old-man, always fooled by the Chinese communist government. Chinese communist don’t represent China’s centuries-long history or any past ruined regimes of China. Chinese communist party which was founded only four years after as governed the People’s Republic of China from the republic’s founding in 1949 until today. Henry Kissinger is one of the main reasons Washington needs to be cleaned up.

  5. Because we In Ireland are controlled by the Bilderbergers and Simon Coveney our defense minister is a member of the Bilderbergers, and a keen student of Henry Kissinger who is CEO of the Bilderberger group, Being the 8th richest man on the planet according to Forbs. Henrys operates on behalf of the Rothschild’s.
    Simon Coveney attended a Bilderberg meeting as Ireland’s Defense Minister last year.
    As Fine Gael Minister he was there at the invitation of that other Fine Gael man, former Goldman Sach CEO Peter Sutherland.
    In recent years these meetings have been chaired by the notorious war criminal Henry Kissinger.
    Recently Our defense Minister has decided to buy a few fighter jets, you can be sure folks Henry has had a hand in this.
    Henry as chairman of the Bilderberg committee with his vast experience of ” Theater’s of war ”
    from the ( Killing Fields of Cambodia, 1.000000 men woman, and children murdered.
    To the slaughter of our brothers and sisters in Argentina and Guatemala/ remembered as the missing )
    Is now very exercised about America’s waning influence in the Middle east.
    He obviously wishes to drag Ireland into that blood bath.
    It is only a matter of time before he is tried by a war tribunal for crimes against humanity.
    For the last two hundred years, the known so-called free world has been ruled by an elite one % of people.
    This elite one percent are called the Illuminati.
    During the Napoleonic wars, a family called the Rothschild’s became Mega rich.
    They subsequently became the owners of the European banking system.
    Through wheeler-dealer trading, they became the soul owners of the bank of England.
    Up to this point, English Royalty were the only players in England’s banking system.
    After Napoleon’s defeat at the battle of Waterloo, the Rothschild’s banking power allowed them to interbreed with Queen Victoria.
    In effect, the Rothschild’s like Kissinger; German born Eskanazi Jews, are in control of the banking system of Europe, Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Nation and of course America.
    The Rothschild’s eldest son Nathan De Rothschild fathered Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong.
    Thus creating three of the worlds most prolific scourges.
    The one percent who control the world, are controlled by the Rothschild.
    The Rothschild created Israel. America through Obama, The Clinton’s, and the Bushes created ISIS.
    And so the war goes on. The above-mentioned people are the cause of what happened in Paris.
    That ghastly development represents the first of many salvos before the third world war begins.
    This is what the Cork Squire Simon Coveney Ireland’s defense Minister is being told to buy into by Fine Gael Builderburg representative Peter Sutherland.
    “The Air Force has hired civilian defense contractors to fly MQ-9 Reaper drones to help track suspected militants and other targets in global hot spots, a previously undisclosed expansion in the privatization of once-exclusively military functions. Critics, including some military lawyers, contend that civilians are now part of what the Air Force calls the “kill chain,” a process that starts with surveillance and ends with a missile launch. That could violate laws barring civilians from taking part in armed conflict.
    The use of contractors reflects in part the Pentagon’s growing problem in recruiting, training and retaining military drone pilots for the intensifying air war against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. It is several hundred short of its goal of 1,281 pilots.

    The contractors are Aviation Unmanned, a small, 3-year-old company based in Addison, Texas, and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc., a far-larger firm based in Poway, outside San Diego, that is the only supplier of armed drones to the Pentagon. General Atomics employees also provide logistics support, software maintenance, flight operations support, aircraft repair, ground control and other work on most Air Force drones. The company was paid more than $700 million over the last two years for those services, according to Air Force records.

    • The entire world is under Bilderberg’s thumb. The idea we have any genuine elected officials that actually do the will of the people/citizenry without the influence of these cloak & dagger groups, is an ILLUSION. The whole system is a LIE.

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