BuzzFeed Admits Trump Tower Story Was Fabricated

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BuzzFeed reporter admits Trump Tower story was fabricated

The BuzzFeed reporter who wrote the story about President Trump allegedly lying about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow admitted on CNN that his claims were fabricated. 

On Thursday night, far-left outlet BuzzFeed released a dubious story written by Anthony Cormier claiming that Trump had  “personally instructed” his former attorney to lie about the date negotiations “in order to obscure Trump’s involvement”. reports: The story cites two unnamed law enforcement officials who are privy to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion.

However, when asked by New Day host Alisyn Camerota if he had personally seen any “corroborating evidence” that backs up his story, BuzzFeed’s Cormier responded, “No, I’ve not seen it personally.”

He went on to claim that the two unnamed law enforcement officials referred to in his report were aware of the evidence.

The farce again underscores how the media, which Trump has labeled the opposition party, routinely relies on unnamed sources to make monstrous allegations with no tangible evidence to back them up.

Yesterday, it was reported that Cohen paid the head of a small technology company to rig online polls in Trump’s favor, an effort that was unsuccessful.

Supporters of Trump and Trump himself have argued that Cohen, whom they have labeled “the rat,” is lying and exaggerating in order to secure a reduced prison sentence.

Jordan Schachtel summarized the numerous holes in the “bombshell” story.


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