Russia Bans Wi-Fi and Cell Phones in Primary Schools Citing Serious Health Concerns

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Vladimir Putin has rocketed up the popularity charts of world figures according to a poll, proving that his determination to destroy the New World Order is resonating with people all over the world.

The Russian Ministry of Health has published recommendations to schools to ban the use of Wi-Fi and smartphones in elementary schools, citing serious health concerns.

The information was provided to Children’s Health Defense by Professor Oleg Grigoriev, Dr.Sc, PhD, the Chairman for the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

Professor Grigoriev has been outspoken about the harms of wireless technology and has been leading recent initiatives by the Russian government to protect children’s health from unnecessary harm.

He also tweeted about the news.

Children’s Health Defense reports:

Russia is following other countries around the world that have taken action to reduce the use of Wi-Fi in schools and protect the health of children.

In 2013, Israel became the first country in the world to adopt limitations on the use of Wi-Fi in schools. It banned Wi-Fi in kindergartens and limited the use of Wi-Fi in elementary schools. Wi-Fi is allowed for three hours per week in the first and second grade and six hours per week for the third grade. It must be turned off at all other times.

In 2017, Cypress banned Wi-Fi in kindergartens and halted the deployment of Wi-Fi in elementary schools. In addition, The Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Child Health initiated a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about cell phone and wireless radiation exposures to children.

In the US, in 2016 the governor-appointed Maryland State Children’s Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council (CEHPAC), issued a report advising the Department of Education to recommend that local school districts reduce exposure of schoolchildren to wireless devices and radiation, and to provide wired rather than wireless internet connections. No action was taken.

This action by the Russian Health Department follows another recent action by the ministry to encourage the reduction of children’s exposure to wireless devices. 

In March 2020, following the outbreak of Covid, Russia’s Department of Health together with the Scientific Research Institute of Hygiene and the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection published Safety Recommendations for Children Who Use Digital Technologies to Study at HomeThe recommendation encourages using the internet via a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi. 

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  1. Yes and every government that conspired to set up permanent in home wifi, on 24 / 7,and throughout every community, even the most isolated ,under the lie that it’s ” essential ” should be locked up for ignorance and corruption. And those pushing to rush 5g into place should face a firing squad for their stupidity obviously bought by secret briberies and other devious dishonest inducements by the most evil people on earth

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