Cher Freaks Out: ‘If Democrats Lose House or Senate, We’re F**ked’

Fact checked

As the midterm elections start drawing closer, Cher has started freaking out on Twitter

She believes “we are fucked” if the Democrats lose the House or the Senate.

In her usual melodramatic style, she went even further to say if the Democrats lose the White House in 2024, we can “stick a fork in democracy, it’s done.”

Breitbart reports: The singer-actress hit the panic button in a tweet posted late Friday in which she appeared to reference Democrats’ failure to pass “voting rights” bills that would federalize elections. Cher singled out Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), who both refused to back the Biden administration’s efforts to seize power from states to oversee their own polling processes.

“What’s coming is DIRE,” Cher warned. “Know Its Scary,You Dont Want 2 Hear it,But If Dems lose House or Senate We’re fucked.”


She then falsely accused Manchin and Sinema were depriving black “brothers” and “sisters” of the right to vote.

Earlier this month, Cher expressed her despair at the state of the Democratic party when she called into an MSNBC show.

“I really wish the Democrats would just go on full-tilt and run around with their hair on fire,” she told host Lawrence O’Donnell. “I know it’s not the nice thing to do or it’s not the genteel thing to do, but time’s-a-wasting, guys, and somebody’s got to light a fire.”


  1. yes sweety, you would be. but the voting system has been secured. there is not a chance you will lose it. But you should fear the bloody revolution that will follow, when you and your kind will be dragged out to the street and ripped apart by a learned mob.

    • The mob were never learned First off they were English psycho prisoners sent over and put in frocks and covered in mud and dirt to hide their features their beards etc. They were led by the gendarmes who protected them from the aristos in case they were armed or put up a fight. It was all done from the City using the law They took over legally not by force. The bloodbath was for fun. And it’s all done through England because its a roman colony. And its no coincidence that George is the latest in lines name. QE2 set up up the scene removing Romes fingerprints and using Anglican ism, and now QE2 a passed the prize bqck to Rome via the Pope England was the Holy See You either get it or you stay as dumb as all the stupid sheep.

      • And by the time George is King of America again his wife will be Catholic and their children will be Catholic And Cathic will reign over the United Kingdom including America under the Authority of the Pope

  2. “they” know how to deceive, to use, to exploi people They’re experts at deceiving. Always the same always the opposite, with them.

  3. Well the Dim party didn’t care when they were gleefully destroying America as fast as they can last year!

  4. Look democracy was invented by England to. Destroy her potential rivals. Its that simple And now they don’t need it anymore except to use as a tool for legal implementation of pixies and to pass the guilt to the people. First France had to go because they couldn’t beat them with the military, then Russia them China Japan and if course Anerica to play the champion was set up by the fake war of independence.. Wake up dodos You’ve been deceived. Not hard Dead easy really.

  5. Cher, honey…None of your Indian tribe is buying your diatribe. ….Also, all the brothers and sisters are NOT wanting you to speak for them. Do what works for you , go on tour with the mid-seventies entertainers and do some shows. Leave the politics to realist.

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