Biden Admin Begins Handing out Social Security Numbers to Illegal Aliens at U.S. Border

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Biden regime hands out social security numbers to illegal aliens pouring across U.S. border

The Biden administration is handing out Social Security cards to all illegal aliens pouring across the U.S. border, according to independent journalist Lara Logan.

Logan made the bombshell discovery in Arizona on Sunday before a voter integrity panel ahead of the state’s primary election on August 2.

“You look around you and you know they don’t actually believe in citizenship,” Logan declared, referring to the Biden regime.

“And now when people come across the border illegally, I have this confirmed from border patrol agents who are actually, physically doing this, they get given a Social Security number.”

“They get assigned a Social Security number when they cross. I’m not sure how many of you are aware of that,” she warned.

“And if you really want to know where the cheating starts, it’s long before you get to the polls. Think about it, it starts with the census. It starts with counting illegals in the census,” she said. reports: In other words, by handing out Social Security cards to thousands of illegal aliens, the Biden administration is paving the way for non-citizens to vote in America’s elections.

Over 3 million illegal aliens have crossed into the US from the collapsed southern border since Joe Biden was installed into the White House.

The Biden administration is also scrapping tens of thousands of backlogged immigration cases, effectively granting the illegal invaders amnesty.


  1. This important information and commentary on the betrayals of the Washington Junta, both Political parties, our courts, Justice (sic) system and even the Military gets ZERO comments simply because there is nothing one can say.

  2. Because the illegals are Catholics who will follow the Pope and will vote fir Catholics It’s how to rig an election. 101.

    • Many of them are Chinese, who are not Catholics and also there are numerous Middle Easterners coming here illegally – they aren’t Catholic either, they are Moslem. See Minnesota and the Moslem takeover there.

    • They have been using Social Security money, which comes from we the taxpayers, to pay for illegals health care, rent, cash cards and more. This is a fact and now California is paying for ALL health care for ALL illegals – something the taxpaying CITIZENS of California don’t even get. This is right up there on the government website of California, I’ve seen it myself. I lived in Calif most of my life and watched as they whittled away at Medicare, taking away things that used to be paid for by Medicare and now no longer are. They don’t pay for anything for dentures, no insurance does there, yet I saw illegals getting braces paid for by govt. They have been giving tax refunds to illegals using social security for a few years at least. Now, you need to tell us why you think this is fake news and provide 2 reliable sources. Otherwise you’re just talking out of your butt.

  3. Back in the 80s/90s it was reported that govt had been stealing from Social Security. Last few years we are being told that Social Security is running out and they won’t have enough to cover payments for seniors by 2032 or thereabouts. Now they are giving our
    Social Security payments to illegals, many if not most of whom are child/adrenachrome/drug traffickers and the lowest form of filth?
    The people running our govt are completely insane and stupid. I’m a retired senior who depends on Social Security because I never could make enough to safe for retirement due to the govt constantly increasing the cost of living all my life. I worked since I was 12 y.o. and now they are giving my taxpayer $ to criminals?

    • More lies about the goverment unprotected anti-american active and hate speech unprotected also

  4. 80 cents on the dollar is WTF they are putting on the table for soc sec as soon as I sign up they`ll pull the rug again just as they did to the armed service Vets with full medical coverage than less then less than NONE since the 1970`s.They maybe able to bleed the folks fleeing to america to prop up the system for a while but as a vet and retired baby boomer getting stomped down by the FratHood/SS networks my whole life and seeing my father& mother get murdered by the 1% and faux family and faux parents all owned by the fratHOOD 1% also get murdered. I can tell you for sure 1,000% things will never get better ONLY worse until death do us part as the under class get`s stomped to death by the ruling class/less uncaring S>O>B`s

  5. america should invade mexico& south and centural america and build a huge country out of them than we could retake the GNP leadership and dodge any war on us.They invade us everyday anyway but togather we could be a superpower and cut down on the waste from security on the mex boarder

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