L.A. Millionaire Dad Hires Strippers For Son’s 12th Birthday

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A millionaire father has been accused of hiring strippers for his 12-year-old son's birthday, after a video of the party went viral.

A millionaire father from Los Angeles has been accused of hiring strippers for his 12-year-old son’s birthday, after a video of the birthday party went viral online, sparking criticism of the father’s parenting abilities.

Video footage of the birthday party, which reportedly took place in L.A, show several scantily-clad exotic dancers performing for the elementary school boy and rubbing themselves against him.

In one short segment, the pre-pubescent boy appears uncomfortable while two strippers dance for him and rub their breasts against his face.


Shocking: Two strippers are seen performing for the birthday boy while party guests look on.

MailOnline reports: Several Spanish-language news outlets have reported on the video, but the identity of the family is not known, nor is the exact location where it was filmed.

ncouragment: The father, reportedly a millionaire, smiles as his son dances by a pole with one of the strippers.

The father of the 12-year-old boy is reported to be a ‘Los Angeles millionaire’ by LaVanguardia.com.

The video shows the boy sitting on a chair while two female exotic dancers perform. One of them is sitting in the boy’s lap and another is standing behind them.


Another clip shows the boy with his top off, dancing with one of the lingerie-clad women by a stripper’s pole.

The father can be seen smiling broadly, flashing a Hollywood smile, and enthusiastically encouraging his son.

The video was shared widely on YouTube where users have questioned the father’s parenting abilities.

Commentators have called the father’s ‘birthday gift’ inappropriate, saying a pre-pubescent boy should not be sexualised in this way, with some even calling it sexual abuse of a child.

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