Trafficking Expert Drops Bomb on Live TV: Clinton is LYING About Epstein Ties

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Bill Clinton is lying about the extent of his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, according to sex trafficking expert Conchita Sarnoff who told Fox News that there is proof in the form of pilots logs to back up her claims.

Bill Clinton is lying about the extent of his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, according to sex trafficking expert Conchita Sarnoff who told Fox News that there is proof in the form of pilots logs to back up her claims.

Things are not looking good for Bill Clinton. Is his past finally catching up with him?

After the case of billionaire convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein took center stage again with his weekend arrest on charges of sex trafficking —and Nancy Pelosi’s daughter warned that some big names might be going down — Clinton’s spokesperson released a statement Monday claiming that Bill had had limited contact with Epstein and did not know about any of Epstein’s illegal sex activities.

But that same night on live national television, Conchita Sarnoff, a sex trafficking expert, dropped a bombshell and presented evidence that suggested at least part of the Clinton statement was a lie.

In the statement, Clinton spokesman Angel Urena said the former president had traveled aboard Epstein’s plane – dubbed the “Lolita Express” by some in the media – only four times in 2002 and 2003.

In an interview hours later on “Fox News @ Night,” author and anti-trafficking activist Conchita Sarnoff said there was proof that Clinton had traveled with Epstein on the plane many more times than that.

This is must see TV. You can view the clip in the video below. The Clinton part starts about the three-minute mark:

“I have read too much information and I have spoken to too many people on the inside” to take Clinton’s statement at its word, Sarnoff said.

“I actually attempted to interview Clinton but he would not, he did not agree to do so.”

“I know from the pilot logs — and these are pilot logs that you know were written by different pilots and at different times — that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein’s 27 times,” she told host Shannon Bream. “Many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him, and many times he did not.

“Almost every time that Clinton’s name is on the pilot’s logs, there are underage girls. There are initials and there are names of many, many girls on that private plane.”

WesternJournal reports: Sarnoff isn’t the only person to cast doubt on Clinton’s statement. A Fox News story from May 2016 stated that flight logs from Epstein’s plane had shown Clinton on board 26 times.

But she might be one of the most knowledgeable.

In 2016, after following the Epstein case for years, she published the book “Trafficking” about her investigation of the affair. Sarnoff is now the executive director of the advocacy group Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking.

Epstein was suspected for years of engaging in sex with underage girls.

In 2008, after lengthy negotiations with state and federal prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to one state count of solicitation of prostitution and one count of solicitation of prostitution with a minor under 18, according to a timeline from the Miami Herald.

For that he received a token jail sentence that was nominally 13 months, but his days were spent largely free on work release while he spent the nights in the Palm Beach County Stockade, the Herald reported.

Plus, he was released five months early and was on probation for a year, according to the Herald.

After that, Epstein has been pursued by lawsuits filed by his alleged victims, but remained free of criminal charges.

After his arrest on Saturday in New Jersey, and a search of his Manhattan mansion turned up “at least hundreds — and perhaps thousands” of photos of nude or semi-nude young women, he is being held without bail by New York authorities.

And Clinton is issuing statements saying he traveled with Epstein only a handful of times.

Sarnoff, for one, isn’t buying it.

“I am saying, sadly, that he is not telling the truth,” she told Bream.

Many people — like Juanita Broaddrick — have said the same about Clinton over his decades in public life, of course, and he’s always managed to skate by it.

But this time, he might really have to answer. Because it doesn’t look good at all.

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