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Here are 10 bizarre facts about Hitler.

Adolf Hitler committed some of the greatest atrocities the world has known. While evil doing is the primary gist of discussions about him, strangeness is another frequently occurring theme.

Here are 10 bizarre facts about Hitler.

Number 10. The Nazi salute was inspired by cheerleaders. Mostly, historians say Hitler stole the ‘Sieg Heil’ from Mussolini’s people. A declassified CIA document suggests he actually lifted it off of the pom-pom carrying supporters of American college football.

Number 9. Hitler was homeless for a time. Late in his teen years he moved to Vienna in hopes of attending its art school. That never happened, and when odd jobs were no longer enough to sustain him he moved into a shelter.

Number 8. His one great fear was the dentist. True, that’s a common one, but typically people just deal with. Not Hitler, who demanded that a simple root canal be stretched out over 8 days.

Number 7. The Nazi leader was uncontrollably flatulent. He tried a wide variety of treatments including taking the poison strychnine.

Number 6. Mickey Mouse and the gang were a few of his favorites. He had his own copy of Snow White and it’s believed he would sketch some of the Disney characters when the opportunity presented.

Number 5. Hitler took libido-enhancing supplements. There was no Viagra then, so instead he subjected himself to injections of bull semen.

Number 4. He was romantically obsessed with his niece. Whether or not the two were physically involved is highly debated, but that she was his great love is widely accepted. At 23, she was found lying dead next to a gun that belonged to Hitler. Her death was officially labeled a suicide.

Number 3. The Nazis launched one of the earliest anti-smoking campaigns. It was targeted primarily to Aryan Germans as a way of protecting the preferred race.

Number 2. A British World War I Soldier May Have Spared Hitler’s Life. As the story goes, a fighter chose to pass on the opportunity to kill the injured, 29-year old Adolph Hitler. Many aren’t convinced such an encounter ever happened, labeling the tale as an urban legend.

Number 1. He was up for a Nobel Peace Prize. The 1939 nomination was intended to make a point about another questionable prize contender. It was withdrawn shortly after it was entered.

What about Adolph Hitler do you find to be the most bizarre?

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