Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong-un Wants To Give Peace A Chance

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Dennis Rodman has good news for anyone concerned that "madman" Kim Jong-un is going to launch a nuclear strike on the United States and spark World War 3.

Dennis Rodman has good news for anyone concerned that “madman” Kim Jong-un is going to launch a nuclear strike on the United States and spark World War 3.

According to Rodman, Kim Jong-un’s North Korea is like a “small dog” who has been cornered by “the biggest, meanest dog on the block“. The small dog is “yapping and making a hell of a noise” to try and make the big dog think twice about “ripping the the small dog limb from limb.

Describing himself as “disgusted” with the mainstream media’s portrayal of Kim Jong-un as dangerous and unstable, Rodman explained that the media has a bloodlust that must be satisfied, and the prospect of war with North Korea sets their pulses racing.

“Don’t believe the mainstream media,” Rodman said, insisting that “little guy” Kim is of stable temperament and “just like everyone else“.

He’s saying the reason why they have the nuclear bombs is because they know that Americans think they can take over,” Rodman reported.

“He says, ‘I don’t want to bomb anyone. But we keep our nuclear weapons because we’re such a small country – that’s the only way we can defend ourselves.

Dennis Rodman joking around with Kim Jong-un in August 2013

In an interview with DuJour magazine, Rodman described Kim as a “huge fan of America“, who is obsessed with the NBA, plays ping pong and pool, and loves fried chicken and New York style pizza, according to the former Chicago Bulls power forward.

Rodman and Kim bid each other farewell in 2013.

Kim doesn’t hate America, that’s all for show. Don’t forget we bombed North Korea back to the Stone Age in the 1950s. There is going to be some left over anger there. But Kim really loves America.

He loves the Doors and Jimi Hendrix. He actually has a huge country and western music collection. He’s a big Willie Nelson fan.

“We had to agree to disagree on that one.

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un shared the world’s most unlikely bromance in 2013. Rodman attracted international attention when he visited the country at the request of the 33-year-old, who wanted to meet his favorite power forward of the modern era.

They just want people in America and the government to know they don’t hate Americans. They want to work with Americans.

The news is likely to please Trump, who recently toned down the rhetoric with Kim in a bid to avert war, calling him a “smart cookie” and stating it would be “an honour” to meet him under the right circumstances.

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