‘Off The Trump Train’: Alex Jones Endorses Ron DeSantis For President in 2024

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Infowars host Alex Jones, a long-term Trump supporter who played a key role in keeping Hillary Clinton out of office in 2016, has announced he is backing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president in 2024.

Jones said he “pig-headedly” supported Trump in recent years “to keep him in office because of the nightmare scenario if Hillary or Biden got in.

Now that we are experiencing the nightmare scenario of the Biden administration, Jones said “With that, I am supporting DeSantis,” Jones said. “I don’t just judge a man’s actions. As Christ said, judge a tree by it’s fruits. I can also look in his eyes on HD video and I see the real sincerity.”

“This is what Trump should be like,” Jones said of DeSantis. “I’ve been hammering this point, and he’s doing it now. We have someone who is better than Trump. Way better than Trump.”

Is Alex Jones making a huge mistake?

Recent polling suggests the 2024 Republican primary race will be a two-horse race between Trump and DeSantis. A Florida poll released Tuesday suggested DeSantis might have a slight lead over the 45th president of the United States.

Both potential GOP candidates have been under attack by the Deep State and mainstream media.

The FBI executed an unprecedented raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence last week, shocking the world and resulting in a surge of donations to the Trump cause.

DeSantis harshly criticized the FBI for the raid, which Trump says was politically motivated and could only happen in a third-world banana republic.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Desantis is the next waste of time trick.
    Look at the trick he was part of with the “say no gay” law. everyone fell for that.
    Previously is was illegal to say anything about alternative life styles in K-12. then his law said to protect K-3, but it is ok to do it 4-12.
    you people are stupid.

    • Alex Jones got hit with about 40 or 50 million in fines just a week or so ago .I think hes done a deal
      De Santos is one of theirs. They’re doing the usual cover all the bases .

    • Sorry, you couldn’t be more wrong. I live in Florida. Before the law was passed it was NOT illegal to discuss those subjects with any age. This prohibits K-3 at the moment. The next legislative session they plan on increasing it from K-12.

        • It was happening all around the country. Florida was the first state to take the steps to put and end to it. Believe whatever you want, I don’t really care.

  2. DeSantos will be a disaster. He is only the wat he is ,old fashioned and conservative because that’s what his constituency demand and that’s what they will core for because that’s what they are Old retirees.
    When he doesnt need to suck up to them he will turn into a different creature .

  3. Jones! he’s a rabble rouser and a snake oil salesman. Is he prescient? I see no sign of that. Yet he’s not wrong in speaking out against another (failed) Trump Presidency.

  4. When the phuck are people going to start paying attention? I live in Florida and DeSantis has stated at least a dozen times he’s focused on being re-elected Governor and if elected he will serve his full term which doesn’t end until 2026. He’s not running for President. And by the way, Alex Jones is just deep state controlled opposition.

    • There are legitimate things to criticize Trump for like his “take the guns first, worry about if is was right or not later” in regards to red flag laws. It can be said you are ” just deep state controlled opposition” too. Are you a Fed just out trying to cause problems? seems like it from your name.

  5. The lawsuit against Alex Jones was all about destroying the independant media. So much for freedom of the press.

    The parents really cashed in on their children’s murder.

    • It was a SANDY HOAX. No one died there. The “parents” were either CIA or FBI operatives. Literally, most of these “parents” were dinner theater actors. Robbie Parker is a creepy Mormon. The FBI, under Gay Edgar Hoover, recruited Mormons for FBI agents.

  6. Trump was great for many reasons, namely satirizing the establishment pigs, i.e. Hillary, the Bushes, Piglosi, et al. But he dropped the ball–big time–on the Fauci plandemic; surrounding himself with deep state vermin, etc. I know the man has a giant ego, but just admitting that he was duped, would go a long way towards redemption.

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