‘Start Reading Labels’: Food Producers Caught Quietly, Deceitfully Putting Crickets In Our Food

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Those among us who do not wish to start eating bugs, insects and crickets will need to start reading labels closely.

Food producers have been caught quietly, deceitfully including crickets in ingredients lists for common and everyday snacks, as the push to force feed humanity with insects, bugs and crickets reaches supermarket shelves.

In recent years, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum have been stating that humanity must stop consuming red meat and start eating bugs, insects and crickets instead.

Despite a lack of appetite in the public regarding the shift to insect consumption, globalist billionaires led by Bill Gates have rallied behind the cause, investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the fake meat and edible insect industries.

Celebrities have been enlisted to support the shift to insect consumption. Robert Downey Jr. recently appeared on Colbert to promote cricket protein. Nicole Kidman has also joined the crusade, creating a bizarre video for Vogue in which she attempts to make eating various insects appealing to the masses.


Now food producers are now quietly including crickets in the ingredients list of processed foods — without consulting the public.

Given the huge investment in fake meat and insects by the usual suspects, it should come as no surprise that food production companies are quietly, deceitfully attempting to force humanity to consume insects in their food.

Now we have to use our magnifying glasses to read the fine print on the labels of our favorite snacks to know whether or not we are consuming bugs and crickets. Obviously the best way to avoid this mess is to eat fresh food with few ingredients and buy from small local companies you really trust.

Big food companies have a history of hiding ingredients they know we don’t want to consume in their products. In the past it has been the presence of new versions of high fructose corn syrup, leading to obesity, heart disease and countless other health problems. This time it is crickets, a deeply questionable ingredient that could be causing all sorts of health problems.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. If theres more than 4 or 5 ingredients I dont even look .If theres less then4 , I will read them ,If theres numbers or fine print i put it back . If its straight up and honest and has nothing more than salt as a preservative ,instead if sugar I might buy it Maybe If it has any sugar I wont .

  2. When frito lay or someone else puts insects in their food , people that find out will never buy their products.

  3. Will the Hoaxes of widespread Lactose and nut and even meat protein intolerance spread to BUGS? not until the profit cycle is exhausted.

  4. What bs. None of the elites are going g to eat bugs. Or live the survivalist life we’re going to be living.

    Stop complying.

  5. Bugs carry parasites. You can get tapeworms from various insects, including crickets, grasshoppers and fleas.

  6. NewsPunch is a Los Angeles-based fake news website. Originally named Your News Wire, it was founded in 2014 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and his husband Sinclair Treadway. In November 2018, it rebranded itself as NewsPunch. Your News Wire was revived as a separate website in November 2020, and has continued publishing hoaxes similar to those in NewsPunch.

  7. For centuries, Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus have been practicing vegetarianism with out resorting to eating bugs.
    The Brahmans have the highest IQ’s in the world and do not eat, any eggs, or meat. Vegetarians are healthy people.
    The reason they want to give us bugs is because bugs carry parasites.
    The real cause of disease is parasites. That is why Covid, is curable with anti-parasite medications, such as invermectin.
    It is time to call liars out for what they are: pathological, habitual, and professional liars for Satan.
    They are not liars for God. God is the truth. The ninth commandments forbids LIES.
    It is time people tell the WEF and the WHO and the NWO, that we do not accept their satanic One World religion.
    Demons that they are, trying to be worshiped and obeyed as substitute, wanna be God/masters of evil, are repulsive and sickening and disgusting to anyone who is of God.
    They have the right to worship whom they choose, themselves, the devils of Hell, as gods.
    We have the RIGHT as the children of God to choose to love and obey our own God, the creator of all life.
    When the black Sun arrives in the sky in a short few months, know this: it is coming for them.
    They are all being returned shortly to eternal Hell, where they will all be chained for eternity.
    They have no authority to impose their religion of satanism on any of us.
    They have no right to play God, when they are not even of God, or creations of God.
    They are aliens, not from earth and hybrid beings who share DNA with the fallen angels/now demons of Hell.
    They have no right to alter our DNA with their satanic poisons and potions, masquerading as beneficial medicines.
    Anyone who wants to follow the control and domination of satanists, has that choice, they can spend eternity in Hell for it if they so choose. We also have our own God given right to Love God and choose to follow Christ, if we wish to spend eternity in Heaven.
    It is a fact, that the more MONEY a person has, the more they belong to Lucifer who exists to dole out the most money to those who serve him the best.
    There are no billionaires, who do not serve Lucifer completely as Illuminati 33 degree masons.
    There are no Billionaire freemasons who still have souls. They exchanged those souls for money, power and ego and the willingness to serve Lucifer in whatever way he dictates.
    I would rather be poor, starving and dead, and have a soul, than spend eternity in Hell with blood drinking soulless Satanists.
    Just like they LIED and told you the jab would save you, they are still lying. The Bugs will make you sicker than the jabs.
    They both contain parasites, poisons and potions from SATANISTS.
    Whatever these devil offer you is absolutely evil. Don’t touch it. Don’t ever let them fool you again.

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