Eerie UFO Footage Shows Aliens Knew About 9/11

Fact checked
UFO footage may prove that aliens knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance

Video evidence of a purported UFO has surfaced showing alien spacecraft flying near the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks on September 11, 2001. 

A series of YouTube videos by Australian Phil Young suggest that aliens worked in conjunction with elements within the U.S. government to orchestrate 9/11. reports:


Somewhere out there, a society of out of focus aircraft are terrorizing Earth and are responsible for 911. Either that, or the footage that Philip Young has showed it utter junk. Why is it that when it comes to getting conspiracies on tape, that they’re never in focus. Must be an odd “coincidence”. If you feel like watching the blurry video, you will notice how Young reports small flying objects near the end of the jet when it hits the tower.

Another object appears to fly off after impact. Strange isn’t? It’s not like there would be any kind of debris flying around from a plane hitting the tower…right guys? While entertaining, Young’s alien claim proves nothing about 911 except that Young may be clinically insane.


In conjunction with the Israelis, the U.S apparently is in possession of some UFO’s. For this reason, Young states that Arabs simply can not be responsible since they don’t own any themselves. What’s with people thinking Israelis are aliens? One report from a few months ago had one individual saying that many high ranking officials in the U.S and Israel were from a race of aliens.

The man was caught trying to throw his reports over the fence to the White House. Either there is a strange correlation between anti-Semitic people and mental illness, or Israelis are actually aliens. Make your own judgements from there.


  1. oh no it must have been the aliens from other worlds who just by pure chance had set up their little sony home cam pinpointed way downuder in the arse hole end of the earth {as quoted by Prime Minister Keating} at just the right position to capture and be broadcast live via satellite all the way to my little portable tv beside my pool the whole event live as it happened without any prior setting up or organization required I wonder if they could have covered the royals wedding just so coincidentally Or the winter olympics?

  2. wherever satanic evil acts are committed such as 9-11 done on orders from the Luciferian bankers, on orders from Lucifer, a portal opens at that place. The portals let in Demons. Slaughterhouses do the same. The demons from Hell come in triangle shaped craft.
    Wherever People Love one another and God and pray for one another to God, the opposite occurs: a portal opens up to Heaven and allows angels who come in=they are in round ships. This rarely happens anymore on earth. The death energy of Hell is so pervasive,that the angels can’t come through. That is why China who once had more Christians than the entire rest of the world are banning all religion. Replacing it with the satanic CCP, who do satanic rituals of blood sacrifice=forced abortions and organ harvests on living people, torture etc. China wants to merge with Hell to get power from Lucifer. Same with Russia, and the USA and Europe. That is why there is a world war on Muslims, they pray and worship God and open portals to heaven, so they replaced it with the energy of Hell via the satanic blood sacrifice/virgin sacrifice rituals of middle east Wars. Many UFO’s appeared over the middle east, as they did also during the Vietnam War. Now the former Holy land is the abomination of the desolation=a portal to Hell. CERN is the big portal to Hell where the Luciferian Bankers actually can go themselves and meet with Lucifer himself below earth where hell is located. Soon there will be no connection from earth to God via endless war and many other satanic rituals including Covid. The Masquerade Ball will not be complete until all have taken the Mark of the beast. It is bringing a Black Sun to earth a Hell more massive than earth’s present Hell. Full of demons=the black sun, when energy of God is gone forever. There will only be death energy-total darkness, It will come before 2023. The three days of Darkness.

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