Scientists Trying To Figure Out How To Get Men Pregnant

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Some doctors say they are receiving inquiries from male patients who identify as or have transitioned to women and would like to become pregnant.

Uterus transplants are becoming a more realistic possibility.

Mats Brannstrom, a doctor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, has already performed the first successful uterine transplant in a woman two years ago, according to the Daily Caller

Life News reports:

The first baby was born with a uterus transplant in September 2014 in Sweden. Since then, three other Swedish women also have given birth after receiving uterus transplants. All of their babies were born prematurely. Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio currently are conducting a research study involving the first uterus transplants in the U.S. In March,they announced that their first transplant attempt failed.

These highly publicized experiments are leading to more questions about the ethics of the procedure. Doctors in several states recently told Scientific American that they are starting to receive requests from transgenders who were born male and now identify as women about becoming pregnant with a uterus transplant.

According to the report:

Cecile Unger, a specialist in female pelvic medicine at Cleveland Clinic, says several of the roughly 40 male-to-female transgender patients she saw in the past year have asked her about uterine transplants. One patient, she says, asked if she should wait to have her sex reassignment surgery until she could have a uterine transplant at the same time. (Unger’s advice was no.) Marci Bowers, a gynecological surgeon in northern California at Mills–Peninsula Medical Center, says that a handful of her male-to-female patients—“fewer than 5 percent”— ask about transplants. Boston Medical Center endocrinologist Joshua Safer says he, too, has fielded such requests among a small number of his transgender patients. With each patient, the subsequent conversations were an exercise in tamping down expectations.

To date there are no hard answers about whether such a fantastical-sounding procedure could enable a transwoman to carry a child.

StatNews reports some transgender people do hope the procedure will become a reality in their lifetime. As a child, Chastity Bowick, a transgender who was born male but had a sex change several years ago, dreamed about having biological children someday.

“If you’re a trans woman, this is a way of completing the dream,” Bowick said.

Uterus transplants come with many risks, Rebecca Taylor previously wrote at LifeNews. And that is just one of many ethical concerns that Taylor and others have with uterus transplants in general.



  1. This is impossible and stupid for science to attempt such a thing. It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

  2. This is impossible and stupid for science to attempt such a thing. It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    • The same type of idiots also said women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, man would never fly, and nothing would replace the horse.  Naysayers, crawl back into your cave.

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