Nancy Pelosi Demands ‘Strongest Possible Military Response’ Against Russia

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Nancy Pelosi has called for the “strongest possible”military retaliation to Russia’s attack on Ukraine following meetings with officials in Warsaw and Kiev. 

She added that the West should not be deterred by the threat of retaliation from Moscow.

After meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Monday, Pelosi said Washington and its allies must escalate their efforts against Moscow, demanding for the “strongest possible military response” and “the strongest sanctions” in order to “make the case that this is not tolerable.”

“We shouldn’t do anything less because of a threat from Russia,” she concluded.

RT reports: The House speaker also noted that the US delegation “discussed the centrality of the US-Poland partnership in delivering security, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine,” as well as “the importance of bolstering the NATO alliance.”

Both nations have devoted significant amounts of military gear and other assistance to Ukraine’s war effort, with Washington spending tens of billions to furnish the country with heavy artillery, drones, helicopters, armored vehicles, ammunition, and small arms, among other weapons. Western nations have also embarked on a heavy sanctions campaign seeking to “isolate” and “cripple” the Russian economy in response to the military operation.

In his own statement following the meeting, President Duda said the two sides also discussed how to further strengthen NATO’s “eastern flank,” after several US deployments pushed troop levels in Europe beyond 140,000, many stationed in the east.

Warsaw has made a number of major security proposals for both itself and Ukraine in recent weeks, calling on the United States to facilitate the transfer of warplanes to Kiev, as well as for US troop and even nuclear deployments on Polish soil. Russian officials have repeatedly urged against additional arms deliveries to Ukraine, and have warned that the stationing of nuclear weapons in Poland would trigger a response in kind from Moscow. 

Pelosi’s visit to Poland followed a ‘surprise’ stop in Kiev last weekend, where she and fellow US lawmakers met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and other top officials. In a statement after that trip, Pelosi declared that “America stands firmly with Ukraine” and will “be there for you until the fight is done.”


  1. She is a moron. The strongest possible military response would be total launch of thermonuclear arsenal against russia. Total commitment. I guess Nancy will be happy in her underground bunker as long there is an ample supply of vodka and adrenochrome. Pelosi is pure evil.

    • She is a moron, and she has deep financial and political ties to the Washington response and financing in Ukraine.

    • she is way past the point of being a moron she is a dooms slayer forever stuck trying to slay her dragons OH and new arms race weapons sells man

    • With russia`s huge fleet of muti war head hypersonics we would never get a shot off other than maybe after the fact MADD vs MADD.They can nuke us totally the whole country in much less time then the old school rockets with war heads so NEW nuclear war head arms race is on again and includes china also she should retire and let our war school do thier jobs

    • And they are morons – they have spent decades weakening our military at every turn, now that the military is composed of pregnant women and trannies who have a mental breakdown if you don’t use their preferred gender term, she wants to have them respond with their strongest measures. Sorry, Nancy, but you and your moron friends are the ones who have weakened our military into worthless wimps. Good luck going up against Russian soldiers.

      • The US military has been weakened by wrong-headed politics and illegitimate leaders and (for profit) plans. It still remains the most powerful and massive military force in history and with it’s puppets in NATO and more has to be recognized as an immense, unprecedented threat. That being said nuclear weapons and hyper-sonic delivery systems along with cutting-edge anti-air systems level the playing field. The question is will our manufactured enemies; Russia and China specifically, employ those weapons? Washington surely will.. I’m unsure the ‘evil’ empires of Putin and Jinping will.

        • I’m not so sure about that, lots of soldiers weakened by vaxes as well as what I’ve listed above. It sure isn’t the military it used to be back in 60s/70/80s/ when my dad was a mustang admiral. Left has been destroying it for decades. My neighbor/friend is a Marine and is NOT happy with what is going on in the military re: respect from soldiers to America and the military.

          • Boots don`t win wars REMOTE battlefeilds at muti/hyper speeds of blanket bombing than nukes.Most fighter jets they have today fly so fast it would kill anyone just to be in them.Retrofitted Jets fighter missles.They are just haveing a cleaning house auction in Zrainia old tanks old ground weapons a bait in for anyone wanting to get drawn into a war with russia/china complexia

          • Pointless (or mercenary) deployments and reckless use of weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations and infrastructure have not helped the morale of our forces or public support.

        • Hyper-sonic is old and a hype term for weapons BUILDUP&sells.The DOD spends more than the 100 leading countrys all put togather just on energys and fuels while 911 went down anyway.BUILD up don`t win wars either as china/russia complex leads the world in most production and energy.Russia sells to and runs like about 80% of the nuclear reactors in the world and has endless raw and refinded nuclear energys for weapon productions.America does not have the minning of or the production of nuclear stock raw or refined and you can`t buy it.The peace treatee`s america signed left us behind russia/china in most all feilds.The hyper sonic`s speeds means nothing BUT they have to transvere shorter paths to thier targets they don`t go up into space and drop back down intercon/balistic/They are ram jets dropped from bombers and are self powered by air intake and they can have muti-clusters of nuclear warheads mini nukes like the hughes GAR of 1948.They are UNSTOPPIBLE and can not be shot down or IRON dormed.WE have they years ago also NEW ARMS RACE by china/russia and we won`t win that one EVER!

      • less than 1% of the population is trans and war is not won by boots but bombs in blankets as they always do

  2. Hey Putin — here is a perfect example of the psychopaths running this regime. They command men with guns on our streets and they have infiltrated the pentagon too. The rank-n-file sure don’t support this fake, unelected regime.

    We really need regime change. Too bad the CIA is on the wrong side ……

  3. I think it should go to a referendum. I don’t know that the people of the world agree with their very cosy teams of leaders at all. They’re all very safe and snug and smug knowing they won’t be in the demolition Derby.

    • The one% doesn`t want countrys or goverments they want free rain to do WTF ever they want to or who they want too AND they do and ARE ever since reagan GOONista sent our jobs to china&broke our unions

  4. This has been building since the Obama years and the Washington financed Kiev Coup in 2014. The laws and appropriations such as ‘lend-lease’ for Ukraine were put in place long before the Russians took the bait in Eastern Ukraine two months ago. It’s all planned. The cacophony of mostly phony anti-Russia propaganda ramped up in 2016 when Hillary was denied her coronation. Is this all just revenge by the Obama/Hillary cartel? Doubtful, though they are useful players. Hegemonic control of world resources and finance is the continued goal. The current state of hysteria and emotion among Americans is stark and disturbing.

    • It`s in a FN DMZ everyone is in on it 1% weapons sells and showcaseing killing little fishes like little kids do

  5. Oliver Stone thinks the US is setting up a false flag in Ukraine that looks like Putin has used nukes. I have to agree.

    • OLIVER STONE is a fake double as the real oliver stone lived and died years and years ago and was a play right and I still have one of his stage plays which hollywood turned into a block buster while never giving him or his family any credits or cashes

  6. I suggest Nancy hop back on the taxpayers flight she is taking and go to Moscow and settle this once and for all–don’t involve innocents American for your evil deeds–so it yourself.

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