CNN Suffers 35 Percent Plunge As Viewers Switch Off In Droves

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CNN viewership plunges 35 percent

Millions of die-hard CNN fans are switching off in their droves, as 35 percent of CNN’s primetime audience ditch the news network, according to figures released this week. 

Meanwhile, Fox News’ primetime audience jumped by +9 percent this week. reports: In total day, the news is only a little better for the far-left CNN, which lost -20 percent of its audience. Meanwhile, Fox News saw its total day audience jump by +1 percent.

While Fox News is growing, the openly left-wing MSNBC is also shrinking, but nowhere nearly as much as CNN.

Compared to last year, MSNBC only lost -8 percent of its primetime viewers and -3 percent of its total day viewers.

During primetime last week, Fox News was the number two network in all of cable, topped only by TNT, which is hosting the 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals.

Fox grabbed an astonishing average of 2.4 million viewers.

CNN could not even hold a million total primetime viewers and bottomed out with an average of just 937,000.

MSNBC cleared a little over 1.7 million.

In total day viewers, Fox News was number one in all of cable, with an average hold of 1.5 million viewers.

MSNBC came in a distant second with 972,000.

CNN came in fifth with a humiliating 791,000.

Of note is the fact that the only good day CNN had was Saturday, the day of the royal wedding, when the anti-Trump channel topped both Fox and MSNBC in total viewers. So when it comes to covering fluff and pageantry, CNN scores. But when it comes to actual news, people who wish to be informed are fleeing in droves.

May has so far been a catastrophic month for the Stormy Daniels Network, especially for Jake Tapper,  who has lost nearly a third of his own audience.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza did not help things this week when he was (again) caught lying about President Trump, this coming the week after Cillizza tweeted an image of Trump in what looked like the crosshairs of a sniper scope.

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