Pfizer Bombshell: ‘Stay Away from the Vaccinated’

Fact checked
Bombshell Pfizer document advises staying away from the unvaccinated

Bombshell new Pfizer documents reveal that both inhalation and skin contact with jabbed individuals will transfer whatever is in the vaccine to the unvaccinated.

The disturbing document reveals the following:

  1. If an unvaccinated man touches a vaccinated woman or inhales the air she exhales and then has sex with his wife, his wife may have an adverse event and must then avoid having children.
  2. If a woman who has never been vaccinated comes into contact with a woman who has been vaccinated, she may:

A: Have a miscarriage,
B: Abort spontaneously,
C. Poison a baby through her breast milk,
D: Have babies with cognitive problems (memory and concentration problems). reports: This is universal, and very bad. Here is a small part of the text: Occupational exposure

“Occupational exposure occurs when a person has unplanned direct contact with a subject for a vaccine, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event. These individuals may include caregivers, relatives, and other people close to the subject.

When such exposures occur, the investigator must report this to Pfizer saftey within 24 hours of being notified, whether or not an associated secondary adverse event occurs. This must be reported using the vaccine secondary adverse event reporting form. SINCE THE INFORMATION DOES NOT RELATE TO ANY PARTICIPANT IN THE STUDY, THE INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT SEPARATE FROM THE STUDY”.

To make it clear: participants in vaccine studies become superspreaders of something, they don’t say what it is, but it causes secondary adverse events in people who have never had the ‘vaccine’ when exposed to people who have had the ‘vaccine’. have had.

THIS IS SO BAD that here, in this little bit of quoted text, it is warned that unvaccinated men exposed to a woman who has had the vaccine will pass what is in the vaccine to another woman.

Even the relatively small portion of the document presented below states that the vaccine causes spontaneous abortions and reproductive problems when unvaccinated individuals are exposed to vaccinated individuals and that breast milk from a vaccinated mother can be harmful to the infant. And if anyone doesn’t believe that, click the link above and wade through that huge and intentionally confusing document. It’s true folks, the vaccine is indeed the killer syringe.

Don’t let the vaccinated come near you, it’s official now.

Here’s a small portion of this huge document, straight from Pfizer:


Study Intervention – A Vaccine Subject.
AE – Adverse event in someone who has received the vaccine.
SAE: An adverse event in someone who has been exposed to someone who has received the vaccine.
EDP: Exposure during pregnancy.

8.3.5. Exposure to the study intervention under investigation during pregnancy or lactation and occupational exposures must be reported to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of becoming aware of the investigator. Exposure during pregnancy – EDP is present if:

* A female participant is found to be pregnant while receiving a study intervention or after she has stopped taking it.
* A male participant undergoing or having discontinued a study intervention is exposed to a female partner before or around the time of conception.
* A woman is found to be pregnant while exposed or has been exposed to a research intervention due to environmental exposure. Below are examples of exposure to the study environment during pregnancy:
* A female relative or caregiver reports that she is pregnant after exposure to the study intervention through inhalation or skin contact.

* A male relative or caregiver exposed to the study intervention through inhalation or skin contact then exposes their female partner prior to or around the time of conception.

If this vaccination is not passed on to other people, why should contact between vaccinated and unvaccinated be a noteworthy event? If this vaccination is not transmitted, WHY should a man who has been around a vaccinated woman, even if he has not touched her or had sex, be concerned about getting another woman pregnant?

That’s not all, the following is detailed and much worse.

The investigator must report EDP to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the investigator becoming aware of it, regardless of whether an SAE has occurred. The first information submitted must include the expected date of delivery (see below for information regarding the termination of pregnancy).

* If EDP occurs in the setting of environmental exposure, the investigator must report information to Pfizer Safety using the Vaccine SAE Report Form and the EDP Supplemental Form. Since the exposure information does not relate to the participant in the study, the information is not recorded on a CRF; however, a copy of the completed Vaccine SAE Report Form will be kept on file at the investigator’s site. Follow-up is performed to obtain general information about the pregnancy and its outcome for all EDP reports with an unknown outcome. The investigator follows the pregnancy until completion (or until the pregnancy is terminated) and notifies Pfizer Safety of the outcome as a follow-up to the original EDP supplement form. In the case of live birth, the structural integrity of the neonate can be assessed at the time of birth. In the case of abortion, the reason(s) for the abortion should be specified and, if clinically possible, the structural integrity of the aborted fetus should be assessed by visual examination (unless the findings of the examination precede demonstrate a congenital anomaly to the procedure and the findings are reported). Abnormal pregnancy outcomes are considered SAEs. If the outcome of the pregnancy meets the criteria for an SAE (ie, ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, intrauterine fetal death, neonatal death, or congenital malformation), the investigator should follow the procedures for reporting SAEs.

* Spontaneous abortion, including miscarriage and missed abortion;

* Neonatal deaths occurring within 1 month of birth, regardless of causality, should be reported as SAEs. In addition, infant mortality at 1 month should be reported as SAE when the investigator believes that infant death is or may be related to exposure to the study intervention. The client may request additional information about the PBT. Further follow-up of birth outcomes will be addressed on a case-by-case basis (eg follow-up of preterm infants to identify developmental delays). In the case of father exposure, the researcher will provide the participant with the Pregnant Partner Information Disclosure Form to give to his partner. Exposure During Breastfeeding – Exposure during breastfeeding occurs if:

* A female participant was found to be breastfeeding during or after discontinuation of the study intervention.

* A woman has been found to be breastfeeding while exposed or exposed to a research intervention (ie exposure to the environment). An example of environmental exposure during breastfeeding is a female relative or caregiver reporting that she is breastfeeding after being exposed to the study intervention through inhalation or skin contact. The investigator must report exposure during lactation to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of becoming aware of it, whether or not an SAE has occurred. The information must be reported using the Vaccine SAE Report Form. If exposure during breastfeeding occurs in the setting of environmental exposure, the exposure information does not relate to the participant enrolled in the study and thus the information is not recorded on a CRF. However, a copy of the completed Vaccine SAE Report Form will be kept in the investigator’s file. No report of exposure during breastfeeding is created when a Pfizer drug specifically approved for use in breastfeeding women (eg, vitamins) is administered in accordance with its approved use. However, if the infant develops an SAE associated with such a drug, the SAE will be reported along with the exposure during lactation. However, a copy of the completed Vaccine SAE Report Form will be kept in the investigator’s file. No report of exposure during breastfeeding is created when a Pfizer drug specifically approved for use in breastfeeding women (eg, vitamins) is administered in accordance with its approved use. However, if the infant develops an SAE associated with such a drug, the SAE will be reported along with the exposure during lactation. However, a copy of the completed Vaccine SAE Report Form will be kept in the investigator’s file. No report of exposure during breastfeeding is created when a Pfizer drug specifically approved for use in breastfeeding women (eg, vitamins) is administered in accordance with its approved use. However, if the infant develops an SAE associated with such a drug, the SAE will be reported along with the exposure during lactation.

Here is the clear part, which everyone can understand: Occupational exposure – Occupational exposure occurs when a person comes into unplanned direct contact with the study intervention, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an AE. Such individuals may include caregivers, relatives, or other individuals involved in the care of the study participant. The investigator must report occupational exposures to Pfizer Safety within 24 hours of the investigator’s knowledge, regardless of whether an associated SAE occurs. The information must be reported using the Vaccine SAE Report Form. Since the information does not relate to a participant participating in the study, the information is not recorded in a CRF;

Occupational exposure occurs when a person has unplanned direct contact with a vaccine subject, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event. These people may be caregivers, family members, and other people close to the subject.

When such exposures occur, the investigator must report this to Pfizer Saftey within 24 hours of being notified, whether or not an associated secondary adverse event occurs. This must be reported using the vaccine secondary adverse event reporting form. SINCE THE INFORMATION DOES NOT RELATE TO ANY PARTICIPANT INVOLVED IN THE STUDY, THE INFORMATION WILL BE KINDED SEPARATELY FROM THE STUDY.

COVID ‘Vaccine Shedding’, Evidence SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Can ‘Alter Human Genes’ & VAERS Truth:


  1. I know the vaccines are designed with harm in mind, but finding this article to be science fiction. The elites would love to be able to create a vaccine that operates like this, they dream of it and I am positive they are trying to do so. But it is impossible. If you can malnurish a population and deprive them of essential vitimins and minerals, this would be more possible.
    but this could do damage as a psychological operation, if you could convince people that this is the case. It would be a windfall for the elites.

      • Yes, I know they want to, but they are trying to “Develop” them, but don’t think they will be successful. Maybe the vaxed will be affected due to their damaged immune systems.

          • lol i said the goal. diseases are not “designed”. humans are self destructive. haven’t the sci-fi movies proven that?

          • If disease cannot be designed (or weaponized) then why are there 20 such laboratories in Ukraine alone? Cheers.

          • Becsuse the govt likes to bilk taxpayers for money. Think they sre all mad scientists? Lol hardly. Onlybthe stupid believe developing a pathogenic disease will magically spare the creators.

    • The document is real, but does not confirm any effects of being up close with the vaccinated were observed. Just that they were aware of a potential issue, that’s all.

      • I was in close parameters with a freshly vaccinated person.
        Immediately got severely ill and now am bleeding vaginally daily, at 67.

    • Josey, why do you think this is impossible? Just wondering. Married to a virologist who used to help develop vaxes several decades ago. We do know that previous vaxes do shed the disease to unvaxed and he says the spike protein can be
      shed to unvaxed the same way. In previous vaxes they shed just for a short time not indefinitely, as these apparently do.
      I’ve read several reports of unvaxed pregnant women who were exposed to vaxed people and then had a miscarriage.
      We’re basically dealing with people who are more evil than mad scientists here.

      • I think it is possible to a minor degree. first generation exposure would be the most severe, but I just have confidence that the human design is much better than that. Like I said, the vaxed would be more susceptible to something like this because their immune systems have been destroyed. “VAIDS” I did see my unvaxinated sister inlaw come home from work where all employees were freshly vaccinated, and came home with a 104 fever. I layed her down and fed her quinine, querticen. She had a fever of 104. she and our family have been taking minerals like Zinc for months prior to this. But I kept giving her Quinine, pure, and by dinner time her fever broke, and was eating dinner that same day. I suspect some sort of shedding possibly happened, but it was far from lethal. God doesn’t design things to work that way IMO. I could be way wrong, but I don’t and will not worry about it. My body will fight off what I can, what ever they throw at me. I got the covid, and it was not the worst I have been ill. Not by a long shot. I was annoyed, but never frightened.

        • Glad your sis in law recovered! Good for you for giving her quinine, zinc etc. It’s the spike protein that is worrisome, it attaches to outside of a human cell to allow entrance of a virus, which would include AIDS just for one. Here’s what my husband said in response to your comment “our human or animal bodies are so well-designed that they can resist almost anything or recover from anything.” Like you, I refuse to give in to fear. It’s up to God when I will die.

        • immune systems have been compromised from birth via childhood vaccines. everytime a vaccine is administered it destroys more of the immune system. add to that the chemically altered foods we eat and other external sources of chemicals added to the air,water and earth, humans are screwed.

          • I think their are some good vaccines in the beginning but have morphed into fiction. I think the cow pox does give you immunity to small pox, but I also think if people were fully nurished with all essentials and not chronically poisoned, then most infections would be naturally conquered by the body with no help.
            The food industry has done many insidious tricks on the population for their buddies in the pharma industry.
            They spiked our bread with Potassium BROMATE starting in the 1980s. They removed the beneficial Postassium Iodide, which was a good source of Iodine for our indocrine systems. Long story, but removing Iodine from our diets and introducing Bromate, a similar element, will cause disruptons in the endocrine system. 100s of symptoms. I would stop using fluoride toothpaste and stop eating Bromated bread, and start a daily supplement of 12.5 mg of Iodine. and never stop. this will remove the fluoride and bromide from you body. also add selenium, to that daily dose.

          • NO VACCINE IS “GOOD! none. they are artificially introduced to the body. small pox was on the decline due to better hygiene. the greed of the food production industry has easily erased the natural contents of foods. along with how food is grown. we are chemically engineered thru food. the amount of iodine in toothpaste or water is miniscule. creating longer shelf life and instant foods is where humanity began to self destruct. ever notice how nothing ‘tastes” good? its better to get iodine and selenium in foods. thats too much iodine,12.5 mg. smh

          • That is most likely true about small pox. they had to malnurish the American indians on the reservation inorder to make the small pox work against them.
            The japanese diets are on average 12.5mg daily, and they have near zero gland cancers. Getting iodine in foods naturally is extremely difficult and expensive for most.
            Soils on farms used to have iodine that got passed into the plants, but over time the iodine has been leached out and are in most cases not there anymore.
            the US NIH recommendation is very low on the intake of daily iodine, on purpose. if you do intake too much iodine, you will just pee it out. It is not an issue unless there is an issue with your kidneys. So reconsider the iodine reccomendation and get your endocrine system functioning properly again.

          • Expensive? No its in cheap foods that most do mot eat.12.5 mg is 11 times too much.the body only excretes it

          • Irish, you are mistaken, most of the population have fluoride and bromide in the glands, where Iodine belongs. it takes time to replace the fluoride and bromide. When iodine is reintroduced to the body, the exchange process will begin. it takes months if not a year. Be careful where you get the information. Big pharma doesn’t want you to know what I told you, they sell so many drugs that attend to the symptoms caused by this condition. 97% of the US population is deficient in iodine and poisoned with bromine and fluorine.
            You see all three are halogen atoms, they have similar properties. The body much prefers iodine over fluride and bromide, but are left no choice with todays poisoned food supply. The glands wont funtion properly. Please read up on it yourself.

          • the only place iodine belongs is in the thyroid. the amounts of fluoride a person gets are miniscule. bromide and fluoride are related to iodine chemically. toxicity from bromide is rare. otherwise there would be an epidemic of thyroid issues. few people have goiters or thyroid problems which would indicate that the fluoride and bromide is not too much of a health issue.

          • i would send you links, but they don’t allow links.
            open your mind a little and do some internet searches. Your health, not mine.

          • My mind is open and ignores hysterical claims .as i said,few people have thyroid issues.

          • Unless you know the thyroid cells down to at least the quantum level how can you say you “know”?
            Nobody on current planet earth has that knowledge so it’s like some superstitious scientist saying he or she knows what the temperature of the sun is without being to it or its center

          • The thyroid needs iodine to produce thyroxine to utilize the enzyme production necessary for bones etc.

          • Agree! Dr. Mercola is an excellent resource. And I remember that Doctor Flecha used to have a video posted on YouTube in which he talked about the 12.5 mg dosage and what it was based on. He also talked about how iodine is so needed by the breasts. Truly wonderful information!

          • Maestra3, don’t go getting hysterical with your claims. Irish is correct. Just ask him, he will tell you himself.

          • A strong AMEN to all you said!! Iodine is vital to health and the fight against cancer. This, of course, is why it was removed. I even read once that originally swimming pools were purified or cleansed by using iodine solution and then someone switched to chlorine. Apparently athletes have stated that they do better in iodized pools than in chlorinated pools as well.

        • “I was annoyed, but never frightened”. Good on you, fear nothing and no-one, only God.

          • I was having fun with my wife, I was curled on the floor pretend crying and makeing agony sounds and reaching upto her saying “don’t worry about me, carry on without me”. not a drop of sympathy from her though.

          • Do not make your wife mad with jokes about doom. If she wears an ugly dress to test you, tell her she never looked lovelier. In 1911 in alliance with the British Empire, The Council on Foreign Relations started buying up newspapers and later all news media in preparation for this ‘CJ ‘End Times’ pageant to frighten everybody into giving up their assets to the Vatican and Church of England.The mormons of Utah threw in with them too. The Chinese people are with humanity, unlike their CCP, the Vatican, Church of England, and LDS church. ALL CFR controlled news media is lying villains and in with the Vatican/Church of England/ Khazarian jews and mormons. Together, they have been planning today’s events for 240 years. They tend to obsess on cocaine and copulating with children, so they are chronically out of reality and out of focus

          • God doesn’t want “servants” i.e slaves, God Almighty wants friends according to words attributed to Christ.
            Fear is the opposite of Love is it not?
            God’s Love has to be unconditional or it doesn’t fit the definition of Love does it?

          • Man can only understand love by puny man’s terms from what is observed by nature and the processes that are available. i.e. family. It is by family and community that a child learns what love is and what love is not.

            If you define “god’s” love by a “religious” book. Man wrote book, books come from tree pulp. Thereby making trees “god”. Man wrote words, man interpret words, therefore to make a book “god” is to make man god and attempt to de-throne the Supreme Being who is the ultimate Love.
            Words and Love is first communicated BEFORE it is wrote, before it is wrote down by whomever or in whatever age of ALL CREATION. Therefore words are first Spirit/Sound/Divine Energy.
            So yes i refuse to be a slave to paragraphs which man’s corruptible hands have touched. Yes knowledge,wisdom and samples of love may be discerned from said written words, but also the evil that is needs to be dicerned
            Love by very definition has to be un conditional or it doesn’t fit the definition of the word. A gift that is taken back is it a gift? Or a falsehood
            Love is the start of all things, Love says that we exist. Love is what originally even made the fallen entities before they “rebelled”. So the Supreme God once loved even those who do evil before that turned from Divine Love.
            Just as flesh/physical will always be just that part of dirt of the cosmos.
            There are different forms of love, but who is the Originator of Love?

    • the population has been malnourished for decades thanks to food production needing additives for longer shelf life.

      • True, so then nature’s “god” cannot provide for all the bodies that have been brought forth from said earth. Or it is just man’s ego in wanting to see “more of its kind”?

        So then more than likely the Gnostic’s viewpoint of nature’s god is not the Supreme Entity,Mind etc GOD

    • The phrase “study intervention” is constantly used throughout. This indicates these instructions are part of a particular study. The idea is to see if there is some sort of “contagion” involved in the drug being used. It doesn’t mean that the ideas being discussed are actually what happens. It is only precautionary.

  2. Baloney,and the vaccines were not designed to harm people….that is ridiculous….ZERO proof of either,just obvious nonsense if you have 3 digits in your IQ score

    • The anti-covid injections are clearly meant to cause harm and diseases, but I don’t expect someone who’s IQ doubles as their shoe size to understand anything about anything.

  3. The vax ‘shedding’ was noticed in Florida where some private schools and other institutions then forbade the vaxxed on their gave their staff ‘female’ problems so assume it was the spike proteins the vaxxed were shedding?

  4. Yes, vaccinated are shedding the spike protein and dont know what else. I observed during the last year that if I am in close spaces with vaccinated persons my nose is itcy, I sneeze and some other things is the respiratory system. Is like my body try to get rid of something. Also for a day ot two I feel like the starting of a flu. But this effect is gone quick. The magnitude of the sympotms differ depending of how much time I am spending and with how many persons in closed spaces – vaccinated persons. When we had party with lots of relatives, or when I was flying and stay in bus with lots of people , things like this.
    The good news is that the symptoms fade away in just a few days… two usually. Is faster of I take lots of vit C, NAC, if I do sport (maybe the same with sauna) things that purge the toxins out of the body.
    The bad news is that maybe with pregnant women they may have problems, of course. If you are not pregnant or about to coceive it is not dangerous, the body is cleaning the poison out.
    Also unvaccinated are not spike protein factories, so the damage is produce to them is not extraordinary and is temporary, except if it is pregnancy involved.
    But living with vaccinated people puts you permanent at risk as you are continuously exposed and the body works full time to detoxify, so yes, the best is to stay away of vaccinated individuals, but it is not a tragedy to stay close, as long as you are active and take lots of antioxidants.

    • I have had the exact same symptoms every time I go visit my uncle in the senior care center. I have to come home and use the nasal wash of 1 percent povidone iodine plus Scope mouthwash. This may take 2 or three days of use. I am trying to determine what my response will be as a Christian. I remember that nuns cared for the sick during the Bubonic Plague without thinking of themselves. I do not want to practice exclusion because Christ is inclusive. Add to this the fact that each of us has a day appointed upon which we will die and that day cannot be brought earlier nor can it be delayed. This has been part of my decision this far as I fellowship with those that have been vaccinated.

      • Yes they stayed close, but now we also have all these satellites and radiation from 5G, wifi etc and they put a strain on our bodies as well. Our bodies have more to fight against, but also the human body is extraordinary and adapts. To any circumstances, we have residual DNA that nobody know how its functioning, as it gets activated when certain damage occurs. We can adpat to colder temperatures for example, to many things and also to the viruses that lay into the permafrost, frozen so far. I believe another civilization was here, actually more and more advanced so we also have the tolls to adapt to the increase radioactivity and wifi waves etc, but some that are weak cannot, of course, each time some manage to adapt, some cannot.

        Also, the nuns and priests live in a very high frequency that keeps them protected. We don’t. It was actually proven scientifically, that even if they have damage that means dementia (as they dont eat meat or animal fat – the ones that do this, the disease is not manifesting in them, as they are protected by the high frequency they stay in, Moran Cerf the neurologist had some experiments in this regard also many other interesting ones).

        So they, the priests, the nouns that live in high frequency are different from us. but God doesnt want us all to live in Monasteries, he calls the ones that should do this, I believe if we are in tune with God and with our higher self, we feel what we suppose to do. i mean we know if we should do this or other, feel the dangers etc. I do even if I am a normal human, but I believe in God and in people. So if you feel you should do something this means you will be ok doing that things, going to places with exposure, we actually know what we have to do. For you will be safe, for other not so much, But as long as we follow our hearts and live in Truth, we will be OK – menaing fulfilling our destinies.

  5. The covid19 injections aren’t actually vaccines at all, they are gene technology bioweapons designed specifically to kill the host’s immune system, sterilize, maim & KILL! The vaxed shed, can contract & are super spreaders to both the vaxed & unvaxed alike. This is the 2nd lot of information that
    Pfizer have been forced by the courts to release (they have to release it ALL within 8 months). Last months included deaths & 9, yes 9 pages of serious vax injuries. Pfizer wanted their information “buried” for 75 years! That alone should have you worried! Please do some research people, start at the New World Order’s DEPOPULATION agenda 21, 30 & the Great Reset…Wakey-wakey people!

  6. I remember that they were working on a rabies vaccine which would be spread through contact so that all of the animals would eventually become protected and not just those who actually ate the food substance in which they had placed the medication.

  7. I have known this since Dr. Northrup and other first talked about these effects and have warned folks for over a year now to stay away from the VACCINATED.

  8. stop calling it a vaccine. it’s a gene therapy shot aka clot shot aka death shot, but by all means it is Not a vaccine.

  9. Every lawman interfering with the arrests of ALL medical personnel involved with administering the long ago known Death Jabs should likewise be arrested and sequestered, permanently.

  10. viruses have existed for millennia, gates just pumps out propaganda. none of those perpetrating the hoax have gotten any death shots. vaccines have pumped out poisons since they started requiring them in childhood.

    • There is an opposite line of “scientific” thought. All viruses come from within a body not from without.

        • You may want to dig deeper into viruses and microbiology. Viruses are a means that physical nature is moved (natural or un-natural) to change a organism over time.
          Ever hear of exomes i believe is what they are called? A closed mind does it not fail to hear all sides of almost everything and then reason?

          • Which one? Vaccines are people attempting to “play god” then again these human forms have most likely already have been tampered with by “gods” since time immemorial. See the family with 6 fingers in S.America for an example.

  11. “Attenuated viruses” allegedly work best, until deregulation of pharmaceutical manufacturers during the Bush43 presidency led to attenuated virus vaccines that did not always contain sufficiently damaged live viruses. This, of course, is the same as inoculating a person with the disease.

  12. Maybe Pfizer and their ilk know that a human mind is a product of multi-dimensions and they are playing on everybody’s ignorance?
    The mind can fabricate whatever it is “corralled” to do. So fear your kin if you so chose. I’d rather my body die and my spirit be liberated than go to the grave fearing my kin and causing division.

    Once again the satanic/luciferian Joos are proving they are the virus that is making mankind sick by their actions. They are the CEOs of these companies, they are controlling the Ukraine/RUS cousin vs cousin “war”.
    Sowing Division is a luciferian attribute

  13. Because it is a mindfu*k. Just like i knew someone who was part of a study on fish oil and some other vitamin. That someone found they were given a placebo. They were taking the study pills for over 5 years. Less than 4 months after they found out their body caught pneumonia and died. Coincidence? Nope.
    Just like “modern” hospitals are a place of death for they do not build up the mind only attack it. They make the body believe it is sick so then the body gets sick in most cases.
    Dis-Ease, disease

  14. Capitalism is the problem, not the science. I understand why people might not trust big pharma or the government regulation surrounding them. But distrust of big pharma is not really why most anti-vaxers are rejecting vaccines, because if it were, they’d be fine with the vaccine Cuba developed, for example. The anti-vax movement is not an anti-capitalist movement, and it contains little to no class analysis- it is reactionary and does not challenge the status quo.

  15. Nkgoo, geniş kapsamlı bilgi platformudur. Her konuda bilgi içeriği üretme amacıyla yayın hayatına başlamış referans kaynak sitedir. Ayrıca telif hakları konularına da özen gösterilmektedir.

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