Elon Musk: Canadian Truckers Are Rising Up against the ‘New World Order’

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Elon Musk says Canadian truckers are rising up against the New World Order

Tesla CEO has praised the Canadian truckers for bravely rising up against the ‘New World Order’ and has warned President Biden that the American public will no longer tolerate being treated like fools.

Musk made the remark about Biden treating the Americans like fools in response to a tweet from Kim Paquette.

Paquette retweeted Biden’s declaration that “the future was going to be made right here in America. Companies like GM and Ford are building more electric vehicles here at home than ever before.”

Musk responded with the following tweet:

Insiderpaper.com reports: Biden’s tweet was a reference to an announcement from General Motors, which recently invested $7 billion into building EVs in Michigan. As a point of reference, GM delivered only 26 EVs in the fourth quarter, compared to Tesla’s delivery of more than 900,000 electric vehicles.

This isn’t the first time Biden has snubbed Tesla when talking about EVs. Electrek reported last year that Tesla wasn’t invited to a big announcement about EVs because of the auto workers union.

Musk: Canadian truckers rule

Meanwhile, Musk seems to approve of Canadian truck drivers’ protest against vaccination mandates for cross-border drivers. He tweeted that “Canadian truckers rule” amid reports about truck drivers protesting in Ottawa.


  1. All these evs will prove to be an even bigger environmental disaster than oil in the long run. And they will make the car manufacturers a lot more profits too. The health impact for people spending long times sitting on lithium batteries, or any batteries will be disastrous for a start.

  2. Elon Musk, while devoutly serving the ‘New World Order, is praising the Canadian truckers for bravely rising up against it. His mastery reminds me of Schopenhauer’s quote.

  3. Makes you wonder what part of the agenda Musk is serving. Praising people rising up against the New World Order, while at the same time promoting the Transhumanist aspect of it by developing Neuralink to merge our brains with computers (which will result in a global hivemind).

    • These days I don’t trust anyone unless they 1. expose the connection between the transhuman agenda and the vaccines (through graphenoxide) or 2. expose the corona lie by clearly showing what has already been proven – that there is no pathogenic coronavirus up to date.

  4. don’t buy an electric car. bad range, long charging times, really bad range reduction in cold weather, this could actually kill you. you get caught in a blizzard and freeze to death. electric cars are just a really bad Idea. they are also more toxic to the environment.

  5. And the new world order, as in holy Orders, from the Vatican, is now removing the Windsor. Scandals now are constructed to discredit them and alienate them from their subjects using Savile, and now Epstein and Maxwell and Guiffre and now today the latest assault headlines in msm reveals how Queens father had infidelities as adulterier with some alleged aussie by”scandalous letters “And since William I believe is biologically Diana’s a. D King Juan Carlos of Spain child that’s the end of the Windsor, bloodline anyway so the image is just being destroyed for images sake So you know the Pope via Spain as a Jesuit serving Spain royal families, but yet King of Kings will rule every kingdom. And that’s why he’s baby George’s God father. People need to know who they’re rising up against or else theyre just like lunatics on a lost cause.
    Diana “and somehow I got pregnant” with William. And “they used me as a brood mare” Look at William Look at Juan Carlos at the same age Look at Williams hair loss his height his build his features.
    Look at Charles.
    Draw your own conclusions

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