Bombshell WikiLeaks Emails Prove Robert Mueller Is ‘Long-Term Clinton Ally’

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WikiLeaks emails prove Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller is a long-term Clinton-alligned political operative.

Robert S. Mueller, the current Special Investigator appointed by Congress to investigate alleged Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential elections, has a far more partisan past than previous reports by the mainstream media have suggested, according to WikiLeaks.

Mainstream media has spent the year puffing up Mueller’s reputation, portraying him as a hard-nosed, independent and fair investigator who is just as happy taking down a crooked Democrat as he is burying the career of a Republican.

However, WikiLeaks emails paint a very different picture of Mueller, the Special Investigator favored by the Deep State.

Arcaneray reports: As early as 2012, senior members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team were exchanging emails that strongly suggest high-level political involvement of Mueller in recent election results.

In particular, the piece shared by the campaign officials discusses how Mueller suppressed information regarding the extramarital affairs of the current CIA director, David Petraeus.

Mueller would have been aware of the potentially-damaging implications of a wayward national intelligence apparatus on the results of the 2012 Presidential election, in which national security and law and order emerged as weak points for the President Obama.

Mueller: swamp-dwelling hatchet man

The same documents suggest that a then-high-level member of the so-called “establishment GOP” at the time, Eric Cantor, also had early access to information about Petraeus’ infidelities, and colluded with Mueller in order to suppress this information for an extended period until the election was over.

The Clinton camp shared this report confidentially, in the context of an extended email thread in which they assessed potentially allies and liabilities for Clinton’s intended 2016 Presidential run.

While the email thread is incomplete, there seems to be reasonable evidence that Mueller emerged as an early ally of the Clinton team due to his involvement in suppressing the Petraeus news, which could have been sufficient to tilt the results of the 2012 election, had it been released earlier.

While this does not incriminate Mueller in his current investigation, it casts into doubt his autonomy and impartiality as a special investigator, as it ties him directly to both establishment GOP figures and the Clinton campaign, both known political rivals of President Trump.

We know about these events due to verified emails obtained by the bipartisan government transparency watchdog Wikileaks:



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