Oops! Hillary Clinton Caught Committing Election Fraud

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Has presidential candidate Hillary Clinton been caught committing election fraud?

The report below, compiled by somebody who has done a lot of Internet sleuthing, may provide the smoking gun evidence that Hillary Clinton and her campaign team have committed election fraud. 

Take a look at the article below, taken from Medium.com, and let us know what you think:

If you’ve been on the Internet recently, you’ve no doubt seen this website mentioned:

Deport Racism website logo

EDIT: It has come to my attention that the site has been scrubbed of incriminating evidence. This archive shows the site as it was at the time I was looking around. If you’d like to follow along, load it up in another tab!

False Flags and Piñatas

I was linked to Deport Racism by a friend, and the first thing I noticed was a large and prominent link (now removed) to a website dedicated to Bernie Sanders, feelthebern.org. This gave me pause. Sanders has long condemnedwhat he calls “soap opera coverage”, and I found it unlikely that he would condone his name on a website that offers a $5,000 bounty to anyone who disrupts Trump’s performance on SNL this weekend. It just didn’t seem like something Sanders would do.

As it turns out, many users on Reddit shared my suspicion, and decided to inspect the website’s source code themselves. What they found, documented throughout multiple threads and on the hashtag #WhoFramedBernieSanders, was shocking, to say the least.

Who Framed Bernie Sanders?
The Internet never fails to deliver the sketchiest looking screenshots

You can verify this code for yourself, if you’d like. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a candidate for President, but it looks like this is a false flag attack straight from next season’s House of Cards. Bernie Sanders would take the fall for Hillary’s attack on Trump, and all Hillary would have to do would stare menacingly into the camera.

BillForFirstLady2016 is a pro-Hillary PAC, owned by one Luke Montgomery, who coincidentally is also the owner of DeportHate2016 and the well-known FCKH8 campaign, which produced the controversial “F-Bombs for Feminism” video. This information is readily available from the FEC.

FEC information
…and the FEC never fails to deliver web design straight from 1995

As further evidence that Luke is actually coding both of these sites, BillForFirstLady2016‘s site is virtually identical. But I digress.

But perhaps most damning about this whole thing is that, once digging started on Reddit, not only were the pages edited, but the initial pages werePRESERVED AND HIDDEN. Behold, your smoking gun, straight from the browser’s dev tools.

X’s mark the spot. Or, in this case, the hidden evidence.
X’s mark the spot. Or, in this case, the hidden evidence.

What does Hillary have to do with this?

Well, if the problem was just that Luke Montgomery had set up a false flag attack, that’s pretty terrible, but not Clinton’s fault. PAC’s operate independent of their candidates under Federal law, and I was ready to let sleeping dogs lie. That is, until I found from Reddit that there was something a lot more damning in the source. Embedded in a comment was a link to an unheard of PAC called “WhiteHouseWonderWoman”, along with a link to a password-protected Vimeo account, containing unaired campaign ads.

In the interest of privacy, I will not reveal the obvious password here. But, I will post a copy of the unaired ad that Reddit put on YouTube.

WhiteHouseWonderWoman also appears to be hosted on the same servers as Montgomery’s other sites, confirming that it’s his.

The MS Command Prompt. Not sketchy at all. Note the matching IP addresses.
The MS Command Prompt. Not sketchy at all. Note the matching IP addresses.

So what does this mean? Well, for one, it means that Clinton and Montgomery are working very closely together. But, aside from the knowledge that we can guess Hillary may have known about the false flag, any allegations of illegal behavior are basically straight conjecture at this point.

If you’re content with knowing that Hillary’s campaign tried to frame Sanders for an attack on Trump this weekend, you’re good to go. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper, my dear readers.

Luke and the Law

All right, Feds, get your reading glasses on. This is where we start talking about people breaking the law.

Luke is no stranger to controversy, as is to be expected from someone who, in addition to leading FCKH8, temporarily changed his name to “Luke Sissyfag” to raise awareness about LGBT issues.

However, some of his other controversies have been significantly harder to justify. The Better Business Bureau currently has a staggering number of complaints against FCKH8 for failing to deliver products on time, and the company underwent a fair amount of media scrutiny for its decision to have children swear and kiss on camera.

But while it’s all well and good to dig up skeletons, let’s take a look at things BillForFirstLady2016 and DeportRacism have specifically done to break the law. They increase in severity from least severe to most severe.


In today’s age of content-aware spam filters, you may be unaware that there is a law still on the books called the CAN-SPAM Act (cheesy, I know, but hey, it was 2003) which gives the FTC power to fine and punish business that send large amounts of spam, even if such spam is never opened.

Many Reddit users were complaining about receiving unwanted spam from BillForFirstLady2016 after signing up to DeportRacism. This kind of cross-site spam is known as E-Mail harvesting, and if the FTC catches you doing it, your business could be subject to fines and penalties.

There was considerable debate on Reddit on how to catch the site in the act, until a heroic Redditor stepped in to save the day and gave Reddit the piece of the puzzle it was missing, in the form of 2 sniffed JSON objects. While many others in the thread verified, readers are free to verify by themselves, as well.


Hooray for network sniffing!

IMPORTANT: If you have been a victim of any spam campaign from any website, send complaints to https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov!


The spam allegation, as of now, only affects the PAC itself. Again, Clinton could have been aware of it and still not done anything, upholding the separation between her and her PAC. But it looks like the PAC may be in deeper water than we thought. This is a letter from the FEC sent to the BillForFirstLady2016 PAC in August.

It appears your Web browser is not configured to display PDF files. No worries, just click here to download the PDF file. 

Furthermore, I checked, and the FEC seems to have no subsequent paperwork from Montgomery. Long story short, Montgomery has not reported any of his earnings for any of the PACs, and we don’t know where the money is coming from. So, what does this mean?

Best Case — All 3 of Montgomery’s PAC’s could be penalized for failing to report their earnings. See below:

If the Commission decides that the investigation by the FEC’s Office of General Counsel confirms that the law has been violated, the Commission tries to resolve the matter by reaching a conciliation agreement with the respondents. The agreement may require them to pay a civil penalty and take other remedial steps. If an agreement cannot be reached, however, the Commission may file suit against the appropriate persons in a U.S. District Court.

Worst Case — These PAC’s were receiving money from Clinton herself, a direct violation of independent expenditure law. I wasn’t able to find anything more specific than the block above, but we can assume this means Clinton would either pay a very large fine, or go to court.

Server Sharing

Author’s Note: The section about server sharing has been removed due to a lack of hard evidence. The Internet is ever-changing, and, while I’m trying to report the Internet’s findings faithfully, I don’t want to muddy the waters with statements that are not provable. Several websites that were provided as evidence were down, hosted in different places, or did not say what people claimed. Read on, though! The last section is worth it.

A more detailed summary of the server sharing may be published in Part 2 if I can find archives. Until then, feel free to look through these InterNIC logs. They prove some sort of link between Clinton’s websites and Montgomery’s, but I’m unsure if it’s actionable.

Do with this link what you will. But be warned it may be flimsy without archive support.

Financial Collusion

It was at this point that I figured that if there were financial tricks being played, I should just go ahead and ask the best. So I decided to hit up a friend in Switzerland and put him in touch with a friend in Germany, who had been instrumental in organizing the investigations on Reddit.

(Everyone knows Switzerland is just Germany on steroids, anyway.)

And what they found was pretty incredible.


Hillary’s main PAC, Hillary for America, paid Correct the Record (Luke Montgomery) a whopping $275,615.43 for 3 months of what’s filed as “research”. This report is for 3 months only, so a bill of that magnitude is far too high. Research might be $10–30,000 per month, so anything higher than $90,000 would be fishy. But, hey, this is not a typical job, so we might be jumping the gun.

Unless of course, something like this existed.


Not only does this confirm the receipt of the money, but it doesn’t declare any intended purpose. This means that a PAC is employing another PAC forthree times the amount of money that the other PAC’s services might be worth. This should set your alarm bells ringing right away.

“But wait!”, you might say. Is it possible that this “research” might simply be worth the staggering price tag? Maybe there’s no smoking gun here after all? Well, let’s take a look at the reporting period covering the time up until this month.


Hillary for America is again paying for 3 months of “research”, but now, the price tag has dramatically decreased to $6,346.00. So suddenly, this PAC’s service is worth about $2,000 per month, down from more than $10–50,000. We can assume their service quality didn’t suddenly take a nosedive, which leaves us with the inevitable conclusion that this was a one time cash-infusion.

Oh, and there’s no second payment to Correct the Record. This was a one-time payment.

Oh, but it gets better. Let’s get to know David Brock, a journalist and chairman of the American Bridge 21st Century PAC who donated $2,700 to Hillary’s official campaign.


American Bridge 21st Century also donates to Luke Montgomery’s Correct the Record…


Which then pays David back. $2,705 for his donation to Hillary, and $6,135.39 for the computer from his PAC.


If this isn’t already looking fishy to you, get ready. You’re gonna need a bigger boat. This article is still a working draft, but I’m awaiting another batch of analysis from Switzerland, and it looks like this might involve billionaire George Soros. Get ready for that in Part 2.

Keep following this account. Until next time!

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