British Politicians Urge Police To Add ‘Unvaccinated People’ To Terrorism Watchlist

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British politicians are demanding the Home Office re-focus a counter-terrorism program to include unvaccinated people who question the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines.

SNP politician Kirsten Oswald said the Prevent program was too preoccupied with the Islamist threat and risked stigmatizing and marginalizing Muslim communities. Instead of focusing on jihadi terrorists, the scheme should add unvaccinated people to the terrorist watchlist and focus on them, she said.

Oswald was speaking as Home Secretary Suella Braverman promised a “major reform” of the scheme following a long-awaited and damning report.

Yahoo report: In the Commons, Home Secretary Suella Braveman told MPs the scheme needed to focus “on security, not political correctness.”

Ms Oswald welcomed the publication of the review but said “there do remain questions about the focus of what we see.”

She told MPs: “For instance, we need to see this report in the context of the Met’s head of counterterrorism pointing out that three in four advanced terror plots disrupted in 2021, actually involved right-wing extremists and 41% of counterterrorism arrests in 2021 were of extreme right-wing suspects.”

Ms Oswald said it would “be wrong and indeed damaging to stigmatize or marginalize Muslim communities, and that the risks posed by ideologies such as right-wing extremism, and antisemitism, as well as Islamic extremism, must all remain central to any UK counter-terror strategy.”

She added: “I also wonder if she feels a shift in focus is needed to take into account more recent forms of extremism that have emerged since the report was commissioned, things like the QAnon ideology imported from the United States or incels or the anti-vax movement that sprung up during the pandemic.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. How about rational decision making, alone the fact that many had allready natural immunity and doctors allways said it’s better than any vaccines. Why untested vaccines that the manufacturer doesn’t take any liability for insuries or death. There is no need for pregnant women or babies or children in any age, no one of those normally ever are at risk. Most normal healthy people don’t die on this flu. But weardly now the people who got vaccines apparently have weird rubbery veins and die suddenly in high number’s but evrything is the reason too much sleep, the sun gardening eggs whatever but not the vaccines. I still believe more dr. Burkhardt and his retired colleagues with a conscious effort to get light of the real cause, than the government worldwide who distract all evidence of the obvious. You willingly ignore all facts, you want to depopulate people later you claim you, didn’t knew it was the vaccines, but it looks like you will say it is for the greater good to depopulate us to safe the planet. I think you are scared that we will decide that we can ban you from our supply of food and water. You are evil.

  2. Someone famous in scientific circles once said, and all political parties are terrorist organisationsc.
    Quite true too All regardless of their composition from Monarchists to anarchist and everything in between. Because they all get greedy.

  3. God forbid they focus on the true terrorists, Globalists in places of authority … such as her.

  4. We’ve seen this in the Russian Soviet Union!
    Jewish Nazism!

  5. its time we put the liberals in charge on the terrorist watch list
    They are all complicit in the murder, corruption, dedollarization, high inflation and all of them are criminals

  6. And you twits gave up your right to self defense against a tyrannical government just over 25 years ago.
    Didn’t take them long at all to take advantage of THAT!

    • … and some Yanks are too stupid to recognise a Jock when they see one.

      Just remember, the dumb SNP (that’s the Scottish Nationalist Party, for those too lazy to look it up) bint is ‘talking’ about doing what your government is already doing.

      It isn’t Britain where walking around Parliament gets you locked in solitary, without trial, for years. It isn’t Britain where ‘being Catholic’ puts you on a watch list. Almost every country (including Britain) in the world had mass protests and riots against the lockdown over-reach except … America. We’re still allowed to question and challenge the diktats, are you? (Yes, I suppose if you enjoy being raided at 2am by the three-letter agencies and framed, if not beaten/shot ‘resisting’).

      We’ll gloss over the whole Antifa, BLM, trans perversion, etc. originating, funded and spread from there. I’ll just point out ‘we’ don’t have a senile demented Chinese puppet running riot ‘in charge’, that would be you too. Anything and everything mismanaged, corrupt and going wrong here, is merely a pale shadow of what’s happening their … and you know it.

      Stones/glass-houses and pot/kettle.

      I’m just glad you aren’t representative of an average American (and probably nothing more than an indoctrinated anti-British more-Irish-than-the-Irish American venting your spleen about something you know nothing about).

      • Nope, you couldn’t be more wrong. Not anti British at all. Just stating the obvious facts which you just don’t acknowledge. We’re not the ones that let the government disarm us so we can’t protect ourselves. And you’re correct, I do not represent the average American because I’m not indoctrinated. The majority of the public here are brain dead morons.

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