Sad Baby Rhino Thinks A Truck Could Adopt Him After Poachers Kill His Mother

Fact checked

A heartbroken baby rhino was discovered snuggling and cuddling a truck, in what experts believe was an attempt to get the Jeep to adopt him.  According to scientists, baby animals will imprint and adopt objects or humans as replacement parents so that they can survive.

From RYOT:

Tourists at the Kruger National Park in South Africa spotted a baby rhino trying to cuddle a jeep after its mother was killed by some poachers.


It may be that the baby rhino was trying to look for another source of comfort, now that its mother is gone. reports that baby animals can imprint and adopt an object or a human as a replacement parent in order to survive.


According to Save the Rhinos, more than 1,200 rhinos were killed in Africa last year that’s one rhino every eight hours.

Thankfully, Donnie was spotted by tourist Debbie English and her father who called a veterinarian to take care of the little thing.


“My father and the veterinarian managed to tranquilize the poor little thing and fly him to his new home,” English told Metro.

And you thought Bambi losing his mother was sad.