Ukrainian Military Using Women and Children as “Human Shields”

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Ukrainian military caught using women and children as human shields

The Ukrainian military are reportedly using women and children as “human shields” in their fight against Russia, according to shocking eyewitness accounts.

Dozens of disturbing video testimonials have emerged over the past few days alleging that Ukrainian soldiers, including the Neo-Nazi group Azov Battalion, have been setting up offensive military positions within civilian areas to launch attacks on Russian troops – using the citizens, including women and children, as “human shields” by guaranteeing return fire will hit civilian areas. reports: This deplorable tactic is the same one that was used by Jihadists in Iraq and Afghanistan that results in unnecessary civilian casualties.

Hat tip to Twitter user John Sinmiedo, aka. @youblacksoul, who compiled a mega-thread of video interviews from recent days.

Take a look:

Ukrainian refugees also claimed that the reports of safe passage zones are all a lie. Apparently, Zelensky’s forces have stopped providing transportation out of the country.

Ironically, it’s actually the Russians who are providing more humanitarian assistance than the Ukrainian troops, according to some who finally made it out of the conflict zone.

There were also some refugees who claimed that Ukrainian troops were threatening to shoot anyone who attempted to flee the area, which, according to two separate witness accounts, has already begun happening. However, this is still unconfirmed.

If Ukrainian armed forces are truly doing this to their own people, then Zelensky needs to be questioned about “war crimes” right along with Putin.


  1. I suspect Zelensky’s two faced deceiver yes for sure. Like Hitler too. Why would anyone when quite capable of winning to the west, suddenly turn east and throw your troops and your country under the Russian bus? When you understand that then you will know the truth.

  2. SO the staged WAR theater nail biter is a DMZ as all the nukes were removed and sold off years before and just as there is a public still living in the war zone DMZ just like all the rest of east vs west over the last 70 plus years less WW-II&3 in near space star fish PRIME was no test but a near space high theater war

  3. It isn’t Ukrainian military. It’s US-backed neonazi battalions who have hijacked the military. These cowards use Ukrainian servicemen just like they use Ukrainian people.

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