NBC Caught ‘Airbrushing’ Photo of Transgender Swimmer To Make Her Look Less Manly

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NBC caught red handed airbrushing transgender swimmer to make him look less manly

NBC was caught last week heavily airbrushing a photograph of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to make her look less manly.

‘I’m crying. Why did NBC Today airbrush the [bleep] out of this picture? lmaooooo,” asked one Twitter user.

“It’s pretty damn obvious,” one report noted.

“We’re so old we remember the controversy over TIME magazine darkening O.J. Simpson’s mug shot for its cover, eliciting accusations of racism. And then there’s that photo of the Capitol riot they always use that makes it look like the building’s surrounded by flames. Altering photos is pretty sketchy business.”

“Now we can’t unsee it. Why did NBC News put a soft filter on Thomas’ face?”

Wnd.com reports: The report concluded: “It’s weird because NBC News seems to have used the unaltered photo as well, and the thing is, someone had to put time into this – it didn’t just happen.”

Twitter users went wild with their reactions to Thomas’ apparently altered state, including:

  • “Gotta soften that jawline. Lol.”
  • “Is this to give the ‘feminine’ glow 🙄 pathetic.”
  • “That’s like what Rolling Stone did to the Boston Bomber when he was on their front page. He looked like [a] glamor model.”
  • “Yes, and nice job too, totally looks like a woman now 🙄”
  • “To look less manly? Too bad you need more than an airbrush to conceal other stuff.”
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