LA News Anchor Hides Under Desk As California Quake Shakes Studio

Fact checked

California was hit with several earthquakes earlier this week, with the largest to hit the area on Saturday having a magnitude of 7.1.

Sara Donchey and Juan Fernandez were live on the air for CBS affiliate KCAL 9′s evening broadcast when the tremors struck on Saturday

Video showing Donchey, who was visibly frightened, taking cover under the desk with the cameras still rolling – has gone viral

RT reports:“We’re experiencing very strong shaking… I think we need to get under the desk,” CBS Los Angeles newscaster Sara Donchey said, clinging to her co-host as he cued up a commercial. Not waiting for the on-air light to go off, she slid out of her chair and under the desk.

A 6.9 magnitude quake hit southern California on Friday night, the second in as many days and the most intense to strike the area in about 20 years.


  1. Come on Big one, Wash America of the cancer of Libtardism and illegal alien criminal invaders.

  2. That’s more dramatic than the silly weathermen who always insist on standing outside during a gale. One of these days one of them is going to get clunked on the head by some flying debris, and from that point on the weather reports will all be conducted safely indoors.

    • She was dramatic. But I’ll tell you, A/V techs nowadays are braindead. I would not be surprised if half the stuff in the studio was poorly secured, even for Cali, and there were also loose wires somewhere. If they’re anything like IT r3’tards then she’s not even bluffing.

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