Security Chief Warns Brussels Attacks ‘Training’ For Something Bigger

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Russian security chief says Brussels attacks are 'training' for something bigger soon

Russian security chief, Franz Klintsevich, has warned that the terrorist attacks in Brussels may just be a ‘training exercise’ in the run up to a much larger terrorist attack in Europe in the coming months. 

Klintsevich thinks that the UEFA European Championships this June may one of the possible targets ISIS are planning to attack. reports:

Those who carried out these terror acts, show a vast range of their abilities, Franz Klintsevich pointed out, as they managed to penetrate the take-off ground and underground in the country, where the EU headquarters, NATO’s office are situated, in one of the richest countries of the EU.

And every time performers intensified the attack, and on the whole what has happened resembles Paris. It allows to make a conclusion that everything is coordinated from a single centre.

“Thus, a serious coordination on fight against international terrorism is needed. It should also be said clearly to those who carry it out: ‘Guys, you shouldn’t act like that, simultaneously feed, maintain international terrorists with money and weapons, and demonstrate fight against them,” Klintsevich claimed.

Commenting on the situation, the expert noted that Russian special services know faces and surnames of those who are potentially dangerous to Russia, and will manage to save the citizens.

Speaking about countries which should draw conclusions, Franz Klintsevich said unambiguously that those should be heads and special services of the countries where it happened.

The expert also recommends them to form a clever view of one thing: “In this fight they should realize that only Russia has a ‘road map’ and they shouldn’t hesitate to come and say, ‘Guys, let’s sit down at one table and analyze how to tackle it.”

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