Vatican Cardinal Warns ‘Islam Will Invade the World’ If Pope Francis Has His Way

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Pope Francis is pushing a "false" interpretation of the Bible, according to a top Vatican cardinal who has warned "Islam will invade the world" if Francis' leftist ideology isn't challenged and stopped before it leads to the downfall of Europe.

Pope Francis is pushing a “false” interpretation of the Bible, according to a top Vatican cardinal who has warned “Islam will invade the world” if Francis’ leftist ideology isn’t challenged and stopped before it leads to the downfall of Europe.

Robert Sarah, a Vatican cardinal who serves as the head of the Vatican’s liturgy office, is often named in traditionalist circles as a leading candidate to succeed Pope Francis as pontiff.

According to Cardinal Sarah, those who seek to use the Holy Bible to promote mass migration are pushing a “false” interpretation of the scriptures.

He also branded mass migration a “new form of slavery” during the new interview with French publication Valeurs Actuelles.

The cardinal has frequently made waves with his more conservative stances on liturgical practices, Islam, migration and other issues.

Those positions were on full display during the interview, in which Cardinal Sarah, from Africa, blasted Pope Francis and other leftist priests and bishops who “say fuzzy things, vague, imprecise, to escape criticism, and they marry the stupid evolution of the world”.

On Europe, Sarah said that the Church must not accept Pope Francis’ pro-migration position, as the leftist open borders ideology will lead to the fall of Europe, just as the Roman Empire was destroyed by invading barbarians.

“All migrants who arrive in Europe are penniless, without work, without dignity… This is what the Church wants?” he asked.

“The Church can not cooperate with this new form of slavery that has become mass migration. If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians.”

“My country is predominantly Muslim. I think I know what reality I’m talking about”, he added.

VoE reports: Sarah’s comments are in stark contrast to those from Pope Francis on the subject. Francis has repeatedly stressed the value of migration and has encouraged European countries, in particular, to open their border to flows of migrants coming from the third world.

Last week, he spoke in Morocco, the main destination for sub-Saharan African migrants seeking to reach Europe via Spain, and frequently mentioned migration.

“The issue of migration will never be resolved by raising barriers, fomenting fear of others or denying assistance to those who legitimately aspire to a better life for themselves and their families”, Francis said.

Sarah is much more skeptical of whether the Church should be open to immigration.

He cited the example of Poland, a Catholic country that has strict immigration policies, and said he had urged it not to sacrifice its Polish and Catholic identities “on the altar of a technocratic and stateless Europe”.

“She is free to tell Europe that everyone was created by God to be placed in a specific place, with its culture, traditions, and history”, he told the paper.

“This current desire to globalize the world by suppressing nations, specificities, is pure madness.”

In the interview, he urged Europe to avoid embracing materialism and forgetting its Christian heritage, warning that it could lead to the extinction of Europe itself.

“If Europe disappears, and with it the invaluable values of the old continent, Islam will invade the world”, Sarah said. “And we will totally change culture, anthropology, and moral vision.”

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