President Trump Accuses Obama of ‘ILLEGAL Spying’ on His Campaign: “They Tried to Defeat Me”

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President Trump accuses Obama of illegally spying on his campaign

President Trump slammed former president Barack Obama for illegally spying on his campaign during an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

Bartiromo ran the interview on Sunday Morning Futures this weekend.

During the conversation, President Trump questioned why the perpetrators of the spy campaign are not in jail.



Maria Bartiromo: Attorney General Barr is looking at officials not in the Horowitz report. He’s looking at Brenann. He’s looking at other Obama officials. How far up the line do you think that it went?

President Donald Trump: I think it went right to the top. And I think what they did was they spied on my election. What they did was so illegal like in history there’s never been anything like it. They tried to defeat me before I got elected. And then the insurance policy kicked in. Remember the famous insurance policy? If he wins we’ll go get him here. And that happened. There has never been a thing like this. If this were reversed and this were Obama, President Obama that this happened to. People would be in jail right now for 50 year terms.


  1. They’ve always been criminals and frauds Always Murdering lying thieving deceiving thugs no better than the mafia Mob Running “ protection “ rackets globally and extorting threatening and coercing obedience to their theosophy

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