Transgender Child Rapist Spared Prison Thanks to Soros Funded California DA George Gascón

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Transgender child rapist spared prison thanks to California Soros-funded DA George Gascón

A 26-year-old transgender child rapist who admitted to raping a 10-year-old girl has been spared prison thanks to Soros-funded Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.

In 2014, James Tubbs grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the throat at a Denny’s in Palmdale, California and violently raped her in a bathroom stall.

Since the rape, James Tubbs ‘transitioned’ to Hannah Tubbs. reports: Gascón didn’t want to send Tubbs to jail because he feared he would be victimized and assaulted over his gender identity.

On Thursday, a Los Angeles County judge sentenced “Hannah” Tubbs to two years in a juvenile facility and he won’t have to register as a sex offender.

Fox News reported:

The LA County Sheriff’s office offered to house Tubbs in their county jail, but Judge Mario Barrera ultimately “decided he did not have the authority to issue an order housing Tubbs in county jail or with the sheriff’s department,” Sanna said, adding that the judge’s “hands were tied.”

Barrera reportedly blamed Gascon’s policies for not transferring Tubbs to an adult court during the court proceeding on Thursday.

“I want to be clear,” Superior Court Judge Mario Barrera during the Thursday sentencing in a Lancaster, California, courtroom, according to the LA Times. “The filing of a transfer motion is entirely within the discretion of the district attorney.”

Barrera “hands were tied,” Sanna said. In the end, the judge “decided he did not have the authority to issue an order housing Tubbs in county jail or with the sheriff’s department.”

Recall, George Gascón announced radical policy changes shortly after he was elected in late 2020:

1) End cash bail by January 2021
2) Conviction integrity unit
3) No death penalty
4) Felony charging no longer seeking enhancements i.e. gang affiliation
5) Juveniles will not be tried as adults
6) Use-of-force review board to reopen fatal officer-involved shooting cases going back to 2012!

Gascón was previously the DA of San Francisco and absolutely turned that place into a hellhole.

Now Gascón is destroying what’s left of Los Angeles, a city already struggling with authoritarian lockdowns, Covid passports and record number of homeless people.


  1. Saint Francis Co is where the Satanic Anthem heralds “Daddy started out in San Fran Cisco” is the intro. Sammy Davis jnr was an admitted Satanist.

    • And then I’m thinking that maybe the next line was “worked his way up to LA.”
      Coincidence no doubt. Maybe Maybe the line was got himself a following down below. Can’t rember for sure Anyway it works either way since the Church of Satan was created in LA.

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