Elton John Witnessed Queen Elizabeth Repeatedly Slap Nephew Across the Face

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Elton John says he saw Queen Elizabeth repeatedly slap nephew across the face

Queen Elizabeth once slapped her nephew clean across the face repeatedly, according to a newly released excerpt from Elton John’s new book “Me“.

While at a party Elton claims the Queen asked her nephew, Viscount Linley, to watch over his sister, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, because she feeling ill and had left the festivities to go rest. Linley disobeyed the Queen and refused to attend to his sister.

“When he [Linley] repeatedly tried to fob her off, the Queen lightly slapped him across the face, saying ‘Don’t’ – slap – ‘argue’ – slap – ‘with’ – slap – ‘me’ – slap – ‘I’ – slap – ‘am’ – slap – ‘THE QUEEN!’”

Pagesix.com reports: Linley then followed the Queen’s instructions.

When the Windsor matriarch noticed John had witnessed her out-of-character behavior, she winked at him and walked away, he writes.

“I know the Queen’s public image isn’t exactly one of wild frivolity, but . . . in private she could be hilarious,” John writes.

This item isn’t the only piece of royal gossip the singer reveals in his book. He also discusses Princess Diana, whom he was extremely close with.

One intimate revelation details the time Richard Gere and Sylvester Stalone fought over the newly single princess at a party.

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