Scientists Discover What Existed Before Existence

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Scientists claim to have discovered what existed before the Big Bang that set forth the universe.

Mathematicians from Egypt and Canada have used the latest scientific theories in physics, cosmology and quantum mechanics to come up with the extraordinary theory that something existed before our universe was born.

Using mind-boggling sets of equations derived from different scientific theories they have come up with a theory that explains time before time, or rather neglects to explain time at the present time but says that there was a time, or a phase, before time!

Important questions in the field of the small and the large remain as yet unexplained in quantum mechanics and cosmology.

Among them are gravity, mass and the affect that the observer has on the observed when observing light or an object in the field of the small in quantum physics.

There is also the fundamental question of time, which the scientists see as yet another dimension similar to space.

The people who gave us a merciful but angry god aeons ago in the past are introducing him to us again under the guise of science.

In time everything changes except human nature. It now has the audacity to say that something existed before time!

Only time can tell if today’s scientists know what they are talking about, not the other way around.

The Sunday Express reports:

In (very) simple terms they applied the theories of the very small – the world of quantum mechanics – to the whole universe – explained by general theory of relativity, and discovered the universe basically goes though four different phases.

More importantly they discovered what came before this universe was.. another universe or more accurately another ‘cosmological phase’.

Despite being infinite in size our universe is cyclical and has always existed in one of four stages.

The universe is expanding, and the expansion is speeding up, but the team believes that certain modification motivated by quantum mechanics will ultimately halt the expansion and pull the whole lot back to a near infinite point – at which stage the universe will start expanding again.

The paper, called ”Non-singular and Cyclic Universe from the Modified GUP”, written by Maha Salah, Fayçal Hammad, Mir Faizal, Ahmed Farag Ali, is super complex but Prof. Mir Faizal outlined the main points of this paper.

According to him  they have incorporated quantum mechanical effects in cosmology using an approach called the modified GUP.

This approach  changes  the equation for cosmology  in a very interesting way. It predicts four distinct phases for our universe – the present phase of the universe being just one of those phases.

There is a phase before the big bang in this cosmological model, and it is possible to know about that phase of the universe by studying the physics of present phase of our universe.

Professor Mir Faizal said: “In our cosmological model the universe did not start with the big bang, but there was a phase transition from one phase of the universe to another.

“This is possible because  the universe can  exist in four different phases,  like ordinary water can exist in three different phases. Just as we can know about the properties of ice, by studying water which has formed from it, we can know about pre big bang cosmology by studying the physics of this universe.

“Using our cosmological model we can study the physics of the cosmological phase before the beginning of our universe.”

In their model they have been able to  study the pre Big Bang state of the universe. The equations in their model predict  that the expansion of the universe will come to a halt and then will immediately be followed by a contracting phase.

Prof Mir added: “When the equations are extrapolated beyond the maximum rate of contraction, a cyclic universe scenario emerges. “Other cosmologists have suggested a big bang and big crunch scenario – but those model have singularities.

“Singularities are bad in physics as they indicate a place where the laws of physics breakdown, and at such places one cannot use physics to get meaningful results.

“This new cosmological  model  does away with such  singularity. The big bang singularity can therefore also be avoided by using the modified GUP-corrections to the cosmology.”

In their cosmology model, the cyclic nature of the universe occurs as a result of incorporating quantum effects into a cosmological model of the universe.

Prof Faizal explained that even though there are many different mind-bending approaches to quantum gravity, like string theory and loop quantum gravity, what most of these different approaches have in common is that there is a minimum length below which space does not exist.

Many of these approaches also predict that there is  also  a maximum energy and no object in the universe can have an energy beyond that maximum energy.

They research team incorporated the effect of having a minimum length and an maximum energy  into a cosmological model, and then they  ended up with a cyclic universe.

Asked about the philosophical and even possible theological implications of his work Prof. Mir said: ”No one draws any philosophical or  theological implications of a finite or an  infinite spatial dimension, and time is just another dimension, so why should it be treated any differently.

“In any case, I do not believe in a God of gaps, with big bang being a big gap, but in a God who made the mathematics describing reality so perfect that there are no gaps, not now and not at big bang.”

Prof Faizal has also worked on the Large Hadron Collider investigating doors to other universes.

The observer is time and movement which over time gains mass and changes shape. Neither the quantum world nor the physical world exist in reality. Reality exists only when there is an observer. It does not exist by itself. After a good night’s sleep you wake up, you don’t keep on dreaming, do you? Scientists have difficulty understanding Zero or Infinity and treat them with disdain in their theories. They continue to make sense of the dream by referring to previous dreams, some of them aeons old, and stretch out a whole string of theories in-between. Scientists need to wake up and treat zero with infinite respect. After all It was the discovery of Zero in India aeons ago that led to the birth of modern science. New mathematics is required to break the code of nature. Otherwise  for aeons humans will be destined to live in an unreal world, suffering at the hands of scientists and their imaginative theories.



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