New Yorkers Advised To Mask Up For Labor Day Due To New Covid Variants

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Here we go again..

New Yorkers have been urged to mask up for Labor Day weekend due to the new Covid variants.

New York City is apparently recording a rise in Covid cases and hospital admissions caused by the virus.

The new ultra-transmissible Covid variant called EG.5, also known as Eris, is beleieved to be behind the rise in cases, although there are also concerns over another variant called ‘Pirola’ or BA.2.86, which has been spotted in the city’s wastewater this week, suggesting it is spreading too.

The latest mask advice comes despite studies finding that they were worthless in preventing the spread of COVID.

TGP reports: The New York Health Department advised New Yorkers to wear masks. The advisory is voluntary…for now.

“As cases rise, precautions become increasingly important, especially for our most vulnerable New Yorkers who are older, disabled, or have underlying health conditions. Staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, along with other proven prevention tools – like masking, testing, and staying home when sick – continue to be our best defense against COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses,” NYC Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan said.

“Antibodies from vaccination and prior infection will continue to provide some protection, as will available antiviral treatments like Paxlovid, which is still effective against all circulating strains of COVID-19,” he said.

The Daily Mail reported:

New Yorkers are being told to consider masking up this Labor Day weekend due to concerns about rising Covid cases and two new variants.

A spokesman for NYC’s health department told that wearing a mask may be a ‘good idea’ in crowded indoor areas this weekend when people are expected to congregate in large groups for the holidays.

But they also expressed that ‘nothing about the guidance has changed’ and that the city currently had no plans to make masks compulsory.

Study after study proves masks do not prevent the spread of Covid and other respiratory illnesses.

In late January the Cochrane Study was released. This was one of the largest and most comprehensive studies on masking that found masks do almost nothing to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Before 2020 all doctors knew this was a fact. Then came Dr. Fauci and his half-truths and lies. In 2020 Fauci decided masks should be worn to prevent the spread of COVID even on healthy people. And, sadly 99% of the medical community went along with this madness.

Are we about to witness the return of the masquerade?

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