Video Of Massive 13.5 Foot Crocodile Captured In Australia

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It is usually a fear of sharks, not a crocodiles that put people off swimming!  Australian officials recently gave people another beast to fear.  They caught a saltwater crocodile over 13 and a half feet long.

GeoBeats News reports:

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife in Australia has posted a video showing the removal of a 13.5-foot croodile from a trap.

The massive 13.5-foot saltwater crocodile was caught on Monday in Mandorah on the Cox Penninsula.

Even though it was missing some teeth, the authorities said it still posed a threat to the locals. There had been several sightings of the crocodile in the past few days. The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Crocodile Management team loaded the animal onto a vehicle with the help of locals and transported it to the Darwin Crocodile Farm. A parks and wildlife official told NT News that “considering it’s size it’ll probably end up a breeder.”

According to the Australia Zoo, “The saltwater crocodile, also known as the estuarine or Indo-Pacific crocodile, is the largest of all living reptiles…it is found in suitable habitats from northern Australia through Southeast Asia to the eastern coast of India.”

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