Meteor Streaks Across Phoenix Night Sky

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A meteor flashed across the night sky over Phoenix Arizona.

The shooting star believed to be a meteor appeared in the early hours of Thursday morning.

It lit up the sky like a fireball and woke people up across the state with the sound of its loud boom as it passed over.

meteor CBS News reports:

One resident said she witnessed a sudden light illuminate the front of her home and “heard a loud roaring and then it was gone,” CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO reported. Most reports place the sighting at around 4 a.m.

A meteor is a small body of matter that enters Earth’s atmosphere from outer space. Due to friction, it becomes incandescent and appears as a streak of light as it plummets through the sky.

The American Meteor Society is collecting reports about the latest “fireball” sighting. So far, at least 143 people have submitted observations across Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, California, Texas, Colorado and Nevada, with the vast majority of reports coming from Arizona.

The organization shared this stunning video compilation of footage posted on YouTube:

On Twitter, residents shared photos and video as well as reactions to what they witnessed:

There were no immediate reports of damage and the Arizona Geological Survey’s seismic network did not pick up any impacts, according to the Associated Press.

But that doesn’t mean pieces of space rock didn’t land somewhere. Michael Conway of the Arizona Geological Survey told the AP it’s possible that the meteor broke up in the sky and the impacts of its remnants were too small to be recorded.


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