RFK Jr.: ’The New World Order Have Performed a Coup D’etat against Democracy’

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RFK Jr. says the New World Order have performed a coup d'etat against Democracy

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.has warned that the ‘New World Order’ have performed a coup d’etat against democracy right under our noses during the pandemic.

“James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson all said the same thing, we put freedom of speech in the First Amendment because all of the other rights that we were trying to protect relied on that right,” Kennedy said during Sunday’s Defeat The Mandates rally in Washington, D.C.

“The minute they hand you that vaccine passport every right that you have is transformed into a privilege contingent upon your obedience to arbitrary government dictates.”

“The use, the orchestrated confusion, and fear on manipulating PCR tests and over amplifying them. By changing the metrics on how death certificates are calculated. The complete absence of any good data on case fatality rates or infection fatality rates or all the things that our public health agencies ought to be telling us so that we can individually with our physicians evaluate the risks, treatment, and prophylactic protocols. We weren’t given any of that information. The information we were given was badly, badly manipulated.”

Freepressers.com reports: Kennedy noted that those who take the Covid vaccine have a 21 percent increased chance of dying over the next six months.

“They have to give 22,000 vaccines to protect one person from dying from Covid,” he said. “And if you give 22,000 vaccines to prevent one death, you’d better make sure the vaccine doesn’t kill anybody because if it kills one person, you have cancelled out all of the benefits. But as we saw, 21 people died in the vaccine group and only 17 in the placebo group, so where did those excess deaths come from? The answer to that question is heart attacks.”

RFK Jr. also took aim at the critics of the VAERS system which records vaccine adverse reactions and deaths.

“Now the system that they knew was broken 11 years ago, they knew only counted 1 percent of vaccine injuries 11 years ago, now they’re telling you it is over estimating vaccine injuries. Those 20,000 people didn’t really die from the vaccine. Those 100,000 people aren’t really injured…there’s not a single study that shows VAERS overcounts vaccine injuries.”

“We have witnessed over the past 20 months a coup d’etat against democracy and the demolition, a controlled demolition, of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

Several groups sponsored the event, including the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, World Council for Health, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, and Children’s Health Defense – headed by Kennedy. Other speakers included Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Christina Parks, Dr. Paul Alexander, and Stephanie De Garay, mother of Maddie De Garay.



  1. By rule of law from the Pope as team leader of the Director General of WHO and as the ONLY ONLY religion to have a seat at the UN.

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