Fully Jabbed Olympic Gold Medallist Drops Dead – Media Coverup

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Fully vaccinated Olympic gold medallist drops dead

Fully jabbed Olympic gold medallist Szilveszter Csollany has died from Covid-19, despite being inoculated against the virus.

Despite his fully vaccinated status, the mainstream media have shamelessly attempted to portray the death to be the result of Csollany’s “anti-vax” views.

Yes, really.

Citing Hungarian media outlet Blikk, Sky News warned that Csollany had “expressed anti-vaccination views on social media.”

This led the far-left news outlet to headline the article ‘Anti-vax’ Olympic gold medallist dies of COVID’, which misleadingly suggests that the athlete had decided not to get the jab and this contributed to his death.

Summit.news reports: However, in the 3rd paragraph of the story, it is acknowledged that “the six-time World Championship medallist had been vaccinated to allow him to continue to work as a gymnastics coach.”

Sky News decided not to include this pretty crucial fact in either the headline or on their front page, which merely stated ‘anti-vax Olympic gold medalist dies of coronavirus’, again suggesting his failure to get vaccinated was a factor in his death.

This is by no means the first time that Sky News, which has vehemently lobbied for lockdown restrictions in its coverage since the start of the pandemic, has published wildly misleading claims.

As we previously highlighted, the broadcaster claimed that the notion of climate lockdowns was a fake news conspiracy theory invented by COVID-19 deniers even as India was simultaneously announcing a climate lockdown.

Back in November, Sky News reported that COVID hospitalizations were “14 times higher” than at the same time the previous year, despite this being demonstrably false.


  1. Fit people are dropping like flies after being jabbed So that’s not likely to affect the average go Joe’s and floes

  2. Deceit by omission is their specialty Fraud their next best assert and blatant lies their stand by in emergencies.

  3. The medical charlatan quacks are furtively paying all of the news media to push the jabs via news articles which are nothing but pure propaganda. Some people found that out via some FOIA requests, and the same appears to be going on everywhere. It’s very bad.

  4. This is not going to end well. For anybody. Least of all those who will be held to account for what they have and are doing. Too many are onto them and the crime is of too great a consequence. Not even the cliche of a war, will see them getting out of this. Not even if they do cull half the population or more and the resultant mess takes out many more. They will never eliminate enough of us who know and there won’t be anyone left in the end who doesn’t. No redemption, no mercy. A few thousand of the elite, billionaires all, must be exterminated with with even more efficiency than they could ever manage against us. These are the only thing wrong with humanity. The leaches at the top. End them.

    • Sorry, no it will not. I will miss the elderly that they scared into taking the jab… my own mother included, even tough I warned her. Its the feds and their agents that should be locked away perminately… Fauci included. And all their assets divided among the families of the jab victims.

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